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Making The Right Choice Episode 14

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Tip of the week

Sometimes it is easier to just do nothing. But those that succeed at least do something.

Today I will be talking about making the right choice. This is episode 14

I was talking with a friend this week and with the elections coming up he told me that he does not plan to vote. Well that of course got me thinking, how many time do you just do feel like making a decision. I think many of us have been in those situations before. The question during those times that we need to always ask ourselves are:

  1. Do I have the ability to make the decision?
  2. If I don’t make a decision will it make a difference?
  3. If I do make a decision will it make a difference
  4. What if I just don’t know which is the right decision

Let’s talk about these for a moment.  The first thing we need to ask ourselves is: Do I have the ability to make the decision. We are confronted with this very thing every day on our jobs. In many cases there are certain things on our job that the decision is made for us and it really does not make a difference what we think it has already been decided. If you do have the ability to make the decision and need to make that decision but choose not to you could actually hurt the task at hand or worst yet cost the company you work for money in the long term or the short term. Sometimes you may need to get more facts. Other times the information you have is very limited. I have been watching the new show on TV call the designated survivor, and it is about a man who has been thrust into the presidency and now has to make life or death decision based on very little if no factual information. Thank fully most of us do not have to carry that heavy weight. So if you do have the ability to make a decision than you need to make a call. Not just put your head and the sand and hope it goes away.  The second question to ask is if I don’t make a decision will it make a difference. Well that goes without saying and is the same as the 3 question” If I do make a decision will it make a difference. You see the answer to both of these questions is a yes. If you have the ability to make a decision and do nothing than more than something will still happen. The problem is you may not like the outcome and it may be something you could have prevented from happening. The job may have been done quicker, someone may not have gotten hurt. Or whatever the outcome. And many times there are decisions that are plain made by faith because you just know deep down that it is the right thing to do. Also many times we just don’t have but two choices and neither one seems like the best choice.  Also it is easy to second guess why those in charge over us make decisions and we can always come up with a better idea. You may not have all the facts that the person in charge has and there is not enough time to go over the details again. The last on is number 4 What if I don’t know which is the right decisions. This is a tough one because though we want to get all the facts as possible to make a good decision sometimes the facts just are not there as on the time needed to make the choice at hand. This is the time when yes you still have to choice but you need to weigh the odds and go with the one that you think will cause the least amount of issues. Make the call and move on. My friends this is life not just on the job. I uploaded a post of face book this week for those that did not read it goes like this: Sometimes it is easier to just do nothing. But those that succeed at least do something. Choose today what you will do. So should my friend vote or not vote? What do you think? Tough call I know but the answer is pretty simple when you think about it. Not all of your decisions will be the best some may be wrong but either way you will grow and be able to make better decisions through life.

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