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Thankgiving Episode 16

Have you ever thought about who you are thankful too or what you are even thankful for join us today as we talk about Thanksgiving.

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  • Tip of the week People will love themselves. They will love money. They will talk about themselves and be proud. They will say wrong things about people. They will not obey their parents. They will not be thankful. They will not keep anything holy.       2 Timothy 3:2

I did not realize until this week that thanksgiving was upon us. So I wanted to take a moment to share a facebook post that was posted on my personal page I have since posted on my Surging Forward face book page and it really gives us something to think about: Some thoughts as we enter the holiday season… It is important to remember that not everyone is surrounded by large wonderful families. Some of us have problems during the holidays and sometimes are overcome with great sadness when we remember the loved ones who are not with us. And, many people have no one to spend these times with and are besieged by loneliness. We all need caring, loving thoughts right now. If I don’t see your name, I’ll understand. May I ask my friends wherever you might be, to kindly copy, paste, and share this status for one hour to give a moment of support to all those who have family problems, health struggles, job issues, worries of any kind and just need to know that someone cares. Do it for all of us, for nobody is immune. I hope to see this on the walls of all my friends just for moral support. I know some will! (You have to copy & paste this one, NO sharing) Be grateful.

 You see many time around the holidays we tend to be wanting to give so much and act as if we are giving so much but we are mostly concerned with the business of the holidays. Good grief thanksgiving has become a day to spend having that big dinner, it is almost forgotten about during thie busy season as we prep toward Christmas.  Don’t get me wrong I am a big Christmas Fan as well as a my wonderful wife. But lets take it one step at a time. We spend so much time about how we have so many things that we forget to comfort those that have lost a great deal in the past year or even during the past holidays which can cause the holidays to become even tougher. Take the time to encourage a friend this week, Maybe even invite someone over for dinner . Let them share so of the great times they had with a loved one that is no longer around any more but is with us in spirt. Sometme I think we get so caught up in the moment that we fail to see the issues going on right in front of us. The question you may ask is wow I did not know, why didn’t they say something. Well here is the answer they are but many don’t see it. Many times they say nothing verbally because they do not want to have pity or ruin your great time. It is up to us to make the first move a make a difference. That is where you are surging forward when you bring someone along with you. This year take the time to think about what you are thankful for and to whom you are thankful too. I am simply thankful that by Gods grace I am able to enjoy this time with some of my family and I hope that one day all the divisions in my own family will cease but it cant happen until we all learn to help on another and forgive the hurtful things that someone may have done. It takes two but it takes one to reach out.


Well that’s all for now I hope each of you have a great Thanksgiving this week and safe travels to all traveling. Give a positive word to somone that could really use it this  week and every week for that matter.  If you get a chance this busy week leave us a review on Itunes, stitcher or on the website, or drop us an email at  Let me know how I can serve you better.  Until next week Stay safe and keep surging forward and Have a very blessd thanksgiving