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A Diamond in the Rough Episode 31

Being a leader in any industry can be pretty tough these day. You have to be able to organize, plan the job or task at hand, understand different personalities, and it also seems you have to have a degree in counseling and psychology. It can be pretty tough at time juggling all of the things that need to get done. Todays topic is titled a diamond in the rough. Many time we work around people that may have great potential yet they are shall we say a little rough around the edges. You may even fall into that category. I think we all have been or will go through this a sometime in our lives. How do you help a person that cannot see the potential that they may have.   This is where you have the opportunity to help someone to surge forward. Many times it mean that you will need to go above a beyond to help someone succeed. Too many times as I make observations in the field those that have a potential to do very well in the trade or career they are working in get over looked because that have what seems to be a bad attitude or work ethic yet when you talk to them they are actually pretty smart and knowledgeable. Others around them actually fell threaten by this and believe it or not encourage the self destructing behavior by constantly egging them on. Why is this you say? I think it is because many people are afraid that they will take their job so they want to keep them down. Which goes back to the self esteem issue that produces tis fear. A good leader can see through this and help create a leader that can be a great asset to you and your company

Great podcast to listen to as mentioned in the show 48 Days to the work you love link