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Bridging the Gap Episode 32

Hello and welcome to all of you that are working hard in the workforce and the construction Trades. This is episode number 32 titled Bridging the Gap I just got back from a great few days down in Sunny Fort Lauderdale for the Annual Apprenticeship Competition.  What a great time of encouragement for me as I saw so many young people from all over the country competing in all types of trades. There were HVAC, Plumbing, Welding, Sheet Metal workers, Instrumentation Techs, Pipe fitters, Insulators, Carpenters, and of course electricians. I had one of my students down there competing with about 30 other apprentices. It was so great to see that young people are learning to become the new leaders in the industry. I hear so many complaints about how young people don’t want to work or how they are lazy. After talking with many of these young men and women down there I can tell you that this is so far from the truth.  They have the same dreams and goals as you once did. The problem I believe is that many think that they have so called arrived in the trade or their career. Since the younger generation tends to be more tech savvy many of those that are, lets just say established in their field feel threaten so they just shut down and don’t communicate or learn how to relate to those around them. They have a fear that tis young buck may take their job so they tend to keep looking down on them. Many of these younger people have a very strong drive but in case you did not realize they have a lot more challenges in today’s world than we actually did when we were coming up. The amount of information is just simply overwhelming and it continues to change at a fast pace.

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