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If it was Easy it Would not be called Work Episode 39

Is your work too hard? This week I am talking about becoming a success. Success is not something you can just say I want to be successful. You have to put in a little bit of hard work. Being an Instructor for the Apprenticeship I get the privilege of see many that graduate go on to be very successful in the trades. They are not always the smartest either, but they did know how to work hard and ask questions. They also have become respected in their field and are still learning, Many time those that claim to know it all are still in the same position years later and have not advanced much.  I can also tell you that though some claim to know it all, they really don’t. They just want everyone to think they do, which is way they are so hard to work with. You never get to a point where you have nothing to learn. Understand this simple statement and you will always be able to step into the opportunity that may come your way.  You can spend a lot of time listening on how to be successful, or you can just wish to be successful, but success is not always about the money. Either way it will not happen with some good old elbow grease and hard work.  Are you looking to be successful in the trades. You can make a good living but it does not happen over night.  Start hanging around those that influence others not those that are always tearing others down. The positive  attitude will take you a long way. Do you want to succeed than join me today as I talk about If it was Easy it Would not be Called Work Episode 39

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