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The Love Connection Episode 64

The Love Connection, this is number four in our series on the Six Basic Human Needs

Remember the song, “What’s Love Got to do With It.  Loves got everything to do with it.  We all have this deep down desire to be loved, but many people go out looking for love just like another song says “… In All the Wrong Places”.  They have that roaming eye, that desire to be with someone when they don’t even know who they are.  That one night stand, satisfaction for about 10 – 15 minutes and then it wears off and they feel that sense of loneliness and the pain that it didn’t work out again.

In scripture Jesus states that the greatest commandment is to love.  Not talking about a sexual or romantic love, but the true deep love.  But before you can be loved and cared for, you have to put yourself out there and be vulnerable.  It is called the “Servant Attitude” of taking that first step.  When you do for other people, they will be thankful and have a sense of love or being cared for.  It starts from you.  We need to do for others like we want them to do for us.  If you want them to care about you and love you, then you need to start loving other people and doing for them.  It is a choice. 

We can’t always be on the receiving end of things.   Podcast Episode 29 spoke about whether you are a taker or a giver; which one are you?  You can listen to this episode by clicking here  If you are always on the taking side then you are not going to feel that sense of love that you are looking for.  True love comes with caring for someone else.  When you care for someone then they in turn will love you back.  We need to make a choice.  In order to be loved we need to choose to love first.  People who are truly successful in life are the ones that have learned to put others first.  They take time to make others feel cared for and feel special and then they in turn feel love and are able to keep “Surging Forward” in life.

Stay Safe and Keep Surging Forward

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