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What Seems like a Negative could Really be a Positive Episode 68


You may be wondering about the strange title I chose for this week episode. Why talk about a negative so close to Thanksgiving.Yes it is that time and to be truthful many of you may not think you have much to be thankful about. Lets be real It seems too many other things control our lives including our jobs schedule, our boss, our family, even things we have to get done for a good cause.  Many people put on the face of being thankful but are really hurting and just wish for once that someone would just listen to them. That is the reason for the title. I want to talk how you can take a negative a turn it to a positive.  I  have always tried to be honest when sharing with my students when teaching the Apprenticeship. I don’t sugar coat things and say crazy things like once you get your Journeyman’s card life will be easy. That’s not how it is at all.  Many of you listening know good and well how hard the trades are.  I would like to share with you actually two stories and both are true and both are about things that happened in my life. Before I begin understand that though these stories are true each person listening to this podcast has their  own story whether they are positive or negative depends on the choice that you make not based on what someone , something, or a circumstance does to you as you will see in my two stories. 


Every decision we make everyday can make the difference on the outcome of any situation. If you are around negative people start moving away and surround yourself with positive people.     I see a lot of negative at my day job and one day the right door may open bit I have to have the right skills to be ready. Some will say I don’t have many positive people around me, than listen to some podcasts. I listen to many different ones as I am driving that will inspire me to do better at what I do and that is making a difference to those in the trades and other careers. If you have any questions or thoughts feel free to leave a comment or review on Itunes, or the website at www.surging Looking to start you own business we just so happen to have a course for that no matter what state you are in visit  Looking for those CEU’s for your license renewal or looking to get a tradesman listen again check out surging

I look forward to hearing from you and as always thank you for your encouragement as we are all on the same journey to Keep Surging Forward Until next week have a great week

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Stay Safe and Keep Surging Forward

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