Are You Making the Right Goals?


This time of year we always hear about setting goals. Unfortunately most of the resolutions or goals are never met.  This is not due to the person not wanting to achieve them. As a matter of fact they might even want to achieve the goal with all their heart. So why do so many fail it is because they fail to make a plan on how to achieve the goal and than stick with it. We live in an environment today where we want everything right now. Hungry throw something in the micro if it takes more than 2 minutes we grow impatient. You want to loose wright they have pills for that no need to work out or exercise. Want to make more money just go online and within 5 minutes you will find more ways than you can imagine in which you can be have thousands of dollars in 90 days. None of these things are new the ideas have been around for years. They used to have actual physical chain letters that people would spend more money on postage stamps, envelopes and paper than they would receive by asking people to send them 5 dollars. We make the mistake of short changing our goals by taking what looks like the easy road. The goals will not be achieved unless you actually make a plan and work your plan. I have always encouraged my students to make goals and many times they say making more money is the goal. My next questions are as follows:

How do you plan to make more money?

What kind of additional training is required?

Where do you intend to get the training?

Will you set aside the time required to get the training?

Are you will to put the training received into action?

What are you will to sacrifice to achieve your goals?The list goes on but most of the time I have lost them after the first question. We all want things. We all want to be successful but just dreaming is not going to cut it. One must have a plan even if it is a small plan. The other problem is we set so many goals and have so many dreams that there is no way they you can achieve all of them. When setting your goals keep them to a minimum one or two and no more than three. That may sound like you are limiting yourself but the truth is that once you achieve these goals you can always set more and that is where the growth begins and you are able to strengthen your walk toward success. It is like sprinting up hill as fast as you can when you do this once you get to the top you collapse or even worst you give out before making it and tumble very quickly back to the bottom where you must start all over. The successful person will evaluate the hill figure out how to pace themselves and than once they reach the top they have the strength to be able to celebrate instead of collapsing. In todays age of the internet there is no lack of training for just about anything you want to accomplish. The real question is do you want it right now or are you willing to put in the time. And guess what? you don’t have to only make resolutions on the New Year or wait until a new year to set your goals. You can set them today. Take a moment to think about what is really important to you and what you want to achieve. You may find that it was never really about you it may be providing for you family. It may be doing something for others. It is amazing how your goals change if you really stop and give a little bit of thought into what you really want to accomplish.  One of my goals this year is to better serve the working force and those who may be looking at going into business for themselves. There is nothing greater that working for your self, but there can also be nothing worst as there are a lot of risks. You always have to make sure you understand the risks of any goal but that should never keep you fro striving to achieve them. Every day we see on the news about terrible traffic accidents and even people being killed on the road. Knowing the risks of traffic accidents does not keep us from driving to work, it just helps us understand what to look out for during our own trips to and fro. The other big enemy that keeps us from achieving our goals is fear. Fear is something that strikes all of us and affects each of us differently. Some embrace it, some face it, others try and go around it, while others run from it al together. As you can see there are different levels of fear. Ask you’re self where you are when it comes to your goals. Running away from fears means that you will never be able to grow. You would never be able to drive a car or even learn how to, if you let all the statistics cause you fear. In order for you to continue to keep Surging Forward you must be able to face your fear and find a solution, or you have to embrace you fears and simply keep pressing forward. Many a brave solider will tell you when asked about having no fear, it was not about having no fear but the fear is what helped them accomplish the mission or goal. So how about you? What kind of goals will you set right now, remember it only has to be one or two and no more than three? Make them yours and make them achievable than once achieved make the next one harder. You can do it

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