Conquer The Daily Grind Episode 17

No matter how many mistakes you make or how slow you progress, you are still way ahead of everyone who isn’t trying.” – Tony Robins

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We are now on episode 17

Tip of the week

2 Chronicles 15:7

Don’t be weak and don’t give up, because you will get a reward for your good work!”

What does it take to Surge ahead and get out of the daily grind. You get up early in the morning and drive to work. You deal with the hectic traffic you barely get to work on time you work all day your boss tells you to stay a bit long. You than go to a part time job or maybe you’re taking a class. You get home its dark. You get up and do it all again is it worth it. The real question is not really is it worth it but do you know why you are doing it? Do you even know where you are going?  It seems that some people work very hard and are never satisfied while others work tiredly and never seem to get anywhere. The secret is a map yes those old ancient paper pack books that used to tell us where to go. I know today we use GPS but there is really no planning with the GPS you just punch in an address and behold you get the best route and the least amount of traffic right away. Wouldn’t that be great if we could do that with life? Well be careful what you wish for with the technology going the way it is I am sure someone is working on that somewhere. Before GPS maps where in a book you would have to first look up the address in the index find the right page number in the many paged book. Than find the right grid number. Than you would have to find where you live and plan the best route. Sounds like a lot of work right. Well after learning how to read and understand the map and the pages in the book it became easier over time. Well going back to our original question is it worth it? The better question is to ask where are you going and what is the goal. Most of you would never dream of waking up one day and just say I want to live here and point to a place anywhere in the country and then just hop it the car with no job lined up and worst yet no idea how to get there, yet so many people that work day to day do just that every day. If all your goal is to make more money so you can live week to week and once you make more money than you’ll be fine, than I have to be honest that is not the best strategy. At the very least the more money you make the more you will buy and the more debt you will incur and then you will have to make more money. So where does it end. It ends by making a plan. Looking at a map and by a map looking at your life. We have all heard about setting goals but very few people ever write them down let alone even bother to set them. It’s like we play this game of life without really looking at the rules. Well the great thing is that while there are rules in life most of the rules will help you to be able to achieve your goals. The first thing is to really ask yourself what to I want to do for society as a whole. Yes I said society in other words serve others. Now I know that many of you are asking well what about me, that is the quick answer what do I get out of it. You get to step a little closer to your goal each day and as you learn to help others they well help you reach your goal over time. Face your already doing it now in your Job or even if you have your own business you have many bosses ie customers. By asking yourself where you want to be in 2, or 10 years than you can start planning on how to achieve your goals. You will find that it is very hard to achieve your goals all by yourself and when you learn the art of serving than you may also start seeing your life actually will have more meaning than just a day to day grind. Hopefully you have been provided with something to think about that will challenge your life and in in the meantime. Don’t forget to give us a review on ITunes also check out our face book page and drop us a comment. You can email us at  Let me know how I can serve you better.  Until next week Stay Safe and Keep Surging Forward

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