Don’t get Thrown to the Wolves Episode 38A

Being prepared is something we hear about but many times dont take action until we are in the middle of the battle. So when that right opportunity comes around and you are offered that promotion or new job. First comes the excitement than comes the fear. Training to be a leader should start way before you actually become a leader.  I was at a conference one time and heard John Maxwell speak. He made a very profound statement that I will never forget. He was talking to a person that was very intested in what John had to say and it went something like this:

Individual: “wow John great word when I get to be a leader I am going to buy one of your books”

John:Looked and him confused and said: ” Why don’t you buy one of my books and learn to be a leader”

Interesting statement but hopefully you see the point. Those of you that have never heard of John Maxwell any of his books are a great read 360 leadership is a good one to start with. Hopefully you get the point don’t wait to get thrown to the wolves before you learn how to get away. Enjoy this weeks podcast Episode 38 Don’t get Thrown to the Wolves.

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