Don’t Stop Believing Episode 21


I am reminded this time of year right before Christmas of the little girl in Yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus. You may be wondering why I would relate this to believing that something can be done, because we all know that Santa is not real. The Idea of Santa very real and that is where the believing comes into play. Because some people choose to believe they either are part of making it happen or because they do believe someone makes it happen for tem. Some many times in our lives we choose not to believe that we can succeed because we may not be succeeding at this particular moment in time.  To believe in a dream or a goal that you may have is something you should never grow out of. If you are in a rut on your job, your business, or even in life in general. You may have simply stop believing just for those very same reasons. It didn’t happen the way I thought so it must not be true. I have always loved the song from Journey if you listen it tells a story about 5 different people with different lives and the chorus says “Don’t stop believing hold on to that feeling” It is all about making a choice not due to the circumstances around you but in spite of the circumstances around you. In the movie Virginia there is a Santa she asks for some very hard to meet demands but because she refused to give up others around her helped those dreams come to pass. The first thing you have to do is believe in yourself. All of us have good traits and bad traits, only you can decide which of those traits you will choose to share with others. Striving to continue Surging Forward requires that you have a dream, passion, as we have talked about in prior episodes. The next step is to believe or have a little bit of faith to know that it can be done. If you just give up and quit than there is no chance that your dream will come to pass. If you have a major fear of failing, which after talking with many people in the trades make the statement why bother someone will always be there to beat me down. My response back is than make a choice, don’t let it beat you down. If you have a big dream make a plan of how you plan to get there step by step. Than make a choice to follow your plan step by step. In other words break it down into simple steps and as you conquer each step than the actual believing in the dream get that much easier. I am not going to tell you that there will not be trials because there will be. The trials that come along will make you stronger and better able to handle the success of your dream once you get there. I do not believe in overnight success. No one sees all the work and time that went into the planning stages. Also if you do end up being an overnight success and you found a way to skip over all the trials than you risking losing it all just as quick because you did not gain the strength during the trials. You must always continue to learn though the many different ways available to you today. Listening to this as well as many other podcasts are just one way to keep your dreams alive. There is a podcast called 48 days to the work you love by Dan Miller where he provides story after story of those that are reviving their dreams. You can to. Don’t ever stop believing in yourself there is always room to start from right where you are. I am reminded of the following quote though I don’t know who said it “Yesterday is gone and cannot be relived, Tomorrow actually never comes and cannot be predicted because it has not happened, But today is the time to make the choices that can erase the yesterdays and change the tomorrows” I have always kept that near me when times get rough and it helps me to keep Surging Forward and try and make the choices that need to be made today. So my friends Don’t stop believing. Choose today that you will continue to Keep Surging Forward.

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