Should I Give a Two Weeks Notice? Episode 59

In this Podcast Episode I talk about the question that many ask, “Should I give a two weeks notice?” In the discussion I will address the pros and cons as to how giving a two weeks notice or choosing not to give a notice can affect your reputation in the field as well as later on in life. Electricians, HAVC tech, Plumbers and many tradesman face these issues as well as those in other careers.  How do you handle them as a worker, Project Manager, Foreman, or other Manger can mean the difference in that next great opportunity.   Many look at the issues of today and fail to look at what the consequences of our choices we make will affect our future down the road.  I look forward to your comments and your stories as we share the 4 reasons why you should always give a notice before quitting.

Stay Safe and Keep Surging Forward

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