Going in the Right Direction Episode 67

Are You Going in the Right Direction – Sometimes as leaders we tend to feel alone and that no one understands the stress that we have. I would like to address this by wrapping up the past six episodes in our series on the Six Basic Human Needs.     By understanding how to apply each of the Six Basic Human Needs we will learn to see how looking out for the needs of others, your own needs as a leader will be met.   We will see how when motivating others to succeed, we will succeed as well.

Basic Need Number One was discussed in Episode 61 “A False Sense of Security”.  We talked about Certainty and Comfort.  Leaders guide those under them to get training that may benefit their career this will give their workers more self-confidence instead of the feeling of helplessness.  You as a leader may be the only positive voice speaking into their lives.

Basic Need Number Two was discussed in Episode 62 “Changing the Mundane”. We talked about Variety. Leaders provide a break from the mundane by becoming more creative in motivating those under them to get the job completed.  Leaders find ways to make a tough job in the field more fun.

Basic Need Number Three was discussed in Episode 63 “The Need to Feel Important”.                          We spoke about Significance.  Leaders need to treat each person we work with as an individual who is important.  Leaders can cause someone to make a drastic change for the worst if you tear them down, especially in front of their peers.  Leaders need to provide discipline and correction in private.  

Basic Need Number Four was discussed in Episode 64 “The Love Connection”.  We spoke about being Loved or Cared About.   Leaders probably over look this basic need the most with those that they have influence. We are not saying you have to give them a hug or get all mushy.  But when a leader applies all of the attributes talked about in this series to those under them, then they will have a sense that you really care for them.   A leader needs to realize that their success depends on the success of those under them.

Basic Need Number Five was discussed in Episode 65 “Continuing to Grow”.   We spoke about everyone wanting the opportunity to Grow. Leaders can provide the open door that can help those you influence to really shine.  As a leader you are in a position to see strengths that maybe even that person may not know they have.  If you see something in a person, say something. In turn, you will continue to grow in your strengths as you grow in your understanding that we all have special talents.

Basic Need Number Six was discussed in Episode 66 “What is Your Contribution? We spoke about people wanting to be able to make a difference. You as a leader have the ability to guide someone to help someone else in need.  As a leader instead of you always being the one to jump in and save the day, why not guide one of the people under you that may be lacking in self confidence, the chance to demonstrate their skills. This will boost their confidence and you will have also met at least 3 of the 6 Basic Human Needs for that person.

As a leader we can see the overall picture and provide ways to fit others into areas to help them succeed.  Knowing your team members, their strengths and weaknesses, and understanding these Six Basic Human Needs will allow you to create a team that will not only follow you but, also respect you. Bad leaders make demands by threats and intimidation, thus their workers only work out of fear, doing the minimum to survive.

Continuing to grow as a leader by serving the needs of others will enable you to keep “Surging Forward” as well as helping others to keep “Surging Forward” with the whole team going in the right direction.

Join me next week as I talk about Being Laid off in Episode 68 “I Lost My Job”

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Stay Safe and Keep Surging Forward

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