Handling the Know it All Episode 9

Ever been one the Job and you have that one person that knows everything. They wont let you get a word in edge wise. Join me as we talk about Handling the Know it All.  Feel free to comment about this episode or share on your favorite social media. Now set back and enjoy.  If you like this post please share with others on your favorite social media below, Thank you in Advance.

9 thoughts on “Handling the Know it All Episode 9

  1. Clifford Lemley says:

    Sounds like your in the electrical service and construction field. My brother is IBEW local 5 in Pittsburgh, PA. Me, I came up in the steamfitters local 602 in Washington DC some years ago. Left the union after college but still in the MEP trades as a business owner now thirty years later.
    Episode nine was wonderful to listen to. I have identified with many of the scenarios you spoke about.
    I have been that guy, the ” know It All”. I have grown to understand those character undesirables in my personality and I still every day strive to do better. But I look for my interactions that indicate I am coming across as the “Know it all”

    Thank you and keep the Surging Forward episodes coming.

    CLiff Lemley
    ALL Mechanical and Plumbing, LLC

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