Make a Decision?! Episode 28


In the last episode I talked on school or no school this as well as many other decision we make in life can be very hard. I recently had a talk with a colleague that I had not seen it a while. He spent most of the time talking about all the things he wish he had done such as I should have stayed in school, I should have started my own company, I should have taken the promotion offered to me in a different location and on and on he went. Since he was in his 50’s he felt that life had passed him by and he was full of regrets. I explained to him that he has had a lot of experience and to start with setting some simple goals. It is never to late. Part of the problem he could never make a decision on anything. Though he was very knowledgeable he always would second guess himself. While ask for advice of others is good, he would always ask everyone he knew, and instead of looking at the facts to see if they aligned with his goals he would not really receive any facts from those he asked only opinions. The so called advice from his peers only confused him to the point he could not make a decision and all in the fear that he would be wrong. My friend, life is full of decisions. When people tend to over analyze every little thing they never actually make a choice. The very first thing you must do is have a basic understanding of your actual skill set and what you like to do. What makes you happy? Is it building things? Is it problem solving, is it helping others, is it creating art, or whatever it is take a moment to know what you are gifted at. So many people tell me that they find it hard to make a decision, so they simply decide to do nothing because of the fear of failure. Well I can help you with that so you don’t have to be afraid of it any more. You will fail, yes that is not very positive and you may ask how does knowing that help me to keep Surging Forward? I usually do not like to dwell on negative things but we all have failed and more than likely will fail again. My friend I was speaking about earlier felt like a failure yet he had not made any life changing decisions. So not making a decision can cause a person to fail. It is a sad truth. The other truth is that it becomes hard for a person that has not made any life changing decisions to have many positive friends because they tend to be negative all the time. Click on the play button above to listen to the complete post. Love to here your comments.Stay Safe

One thought on “Make a Decision?! Episode 28

  1. Geoff Bucher says:

    I had a guy in the 80’s tell me “do something, even if it’s wrong.” I have spent my life using that as a litmus for action. Weigh the available facts, assess the situation you are in and where you need to go, and then go. It doesn’t always work out. Sometimes you choose wrong. Teddy Roosevelt put it something like this: “The best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, but the worst thing you can do is nothing.” Now, I paraphrased that, but I think you can get it. Great podcast. I’ll add you to my listening list.

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