School or No School Episode 27


This week there was a question posted on a facebook group I am a part of and the person asked the group: I am going to school to learn electrical but have been offered a job, which pays a good deal more then what I make now. Should I quit school or finish school and get my tradesman license. What a great question and as you can imagine there were so many different views some said most defiantly, while others said no way at all. Well I did put my two cents in of course and gave a very simple answer. But as I thought more about it I thought I would do a podcast show on it. This is a tough decision that every man or women in the work force most likely will face at some time in our lives. I know I have actually many times over my long career. Believe me the decision does not get easier with experience it just gets more complicated. Now let me explain what I mean. Many times when people ask a question like that, they already have made a decision and they are looking for someone to agree. Without all the facts it is really hard for someone to even come close to giving someone advice on that type of big decision. By all means I am not saying to seek counsel that is actually a very wise thing to do, but the facts surround the whole idea is very important. Click on the play button above to listen to the complete message. love to here your comments.

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