My name is David Ballentine and I started Surging Forward about 5 years ago to help with the required information to keep up their CEU’s, for their tradesman license. Over the years and having come up through the trades myself, from the ground up, I have noticed that training for those working in tSONY DSChe field is harder and harder to come by. In this fast paced world many do not get the one on one mentoring training that we used to get.  Now a days it is all about fast fast fast, and many time the back bone workers have to learn on their own.  I have had many great mentors throughout my life and I have gone from the trenches to running my own business, teaching the apprenticeship, and inspector for various trades.

 I still work doing the last two as well as coaching others. That is what these podcasts are about as there is not enough time in the day to help one on one myself. These 20 to 30 minute messages will hopefully inspire you to make a difference and grow your career. Please like us on facebook  and feel free to listen to the podcast to the right. We are just starting out as of August 8 2016. Have questions you would like answers to visit our contact page and drop us a line. In the meantime Stay Safe and Keep Surging Forward