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How to Stand Above the Crowd Episode 35

I was talking with a young man this week that is trying to move ahead in the field and is struggling because he says that not one listens to him. Listen to this weeks podcast to find out how you can stand above the crowd. If you like this podcast click the subscribe buttons below and please feel free to share your comments or drop us a line by going to the contacts page above.

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One Day at a Time Episode 34

Hello and welcome to the surging forward podcast where we are creating a positive you in a negative world. I want to give a special welcome to you if this is your first time listening. This is a show that provides workforce training and tips to help you excel as we continue to stay positive in this negative world

I would like to recommend a few other podcasts for you to listen to the first one is a great podcast called 48 days to the work you love with Dan Miller. This was one of the first podcast I started listening to and the motivation and education you receive is priceless again check out 48 days to the work you love. You can listen at Another great podcast is called awaken the leader inside with David Rubalcava he talks about what it takes to be a leader and he doesn’t know it yet but he is really inspiring me to get some videos on I just need to find a few more hours in the day anyhow. You can listen at  Make sure you add these to your list of podcasts, I know you wont regret it

We are now on episode 34 One day at a Time Today I want to talk about things that happen in our lives that we have no control over. If you really stop and think about it we take so many things for granted and we don’t think twice about it. Unless it has ever really happen to you it is hard to realize that a circumstance or carelessness on someone else’s part can change everything about your life in a split second. Many of us know someone that this has happen to or it may have happen to you also. How we react to these life changing events will determine how well you will be able to recover from the set back. Things can happen in our lives that change our goals or a least may put them on hold. You may have to even change direction in your life to adjust to different responsibilities that have arose or even a physical disability that is the result of a life changing event. May times it is hard to adjust as people will often ask why is this happening to me I just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and now my whole life is changed due to some else being at fault or what ever the reason. These are just some of the hard questions one may be asking and I just wanted to take a moment and talk about. The reason it comes to mind is because A young man that I know that has been working very hard to get his tradesman license was in a car wreak a few weeks ago. The accident has not his fault yet he is dealing with injuries and pain which is causing him to have difficulty doing even simple tasks. With that said I have to say that through all of this he is persevering through and continuing to work to get all of his assignments done. His dedication is inspiring and he is not using the negative situation to allow him to get down on himself or on life. You see here is the hard truth I was talking with him and wanted to offer some encouraging word or help in his situation and he ended up encouraging me. As I listen to him share that his goals of getting his license have not changed, the views he gave on a potential negative situation was one of the most positive things I have heard in a while.  He went on to explain that though he is in a lot of pain he did not want to have sympathy nor special treatment. The whole ordeal has taught him a very valuable lesson.  He went on to tell me that so many of the things that we take for granted are things that we should say thank you for every day. Being able to get up and walk without pain, being able to drive a car, being able enjoy fun times with family and friends. These are things that as he goes through his recovery he looks forward to each day now, it also puts his goals in perspective and has shown him that we need to seize the moment each and every day to not just chase our dreams but to enjoy the things in life that we take for granted. I was set back as I thought to myself how many times I tend to complain about things that don’t go my way. How much control do I really have on things that happen in my life? Again it goes back to serving others if your only goal you have is to serve yourself than you have no joy over someone else’s success and you cant get drawn into the self pity of poor me. Why do all the bad things happen to me? I do not believe anybody has been singled out in life to say he or she will be a success or that he or she will be a failure. I think that the way we look at every situation that comes along in our lives is what makes you a stronger person. I struggled for many years because I never finished school and was not able to get me electrical degree. I tried many times but things always seem to come up in life, I did not have the money, I had to work out of town to take of family, on and on it goes but bottom line is that life happens. It happens to you and it happens to me. We all have to go through tough times in our lives that are no fault of our own. Those are the times that will make us stronger. They are also the experiences that we gain so that we can share with someone else when they are going through a tough time. You never know because of what you are going through you may be the only one that will be able to encourage someone down the road as you will be the only one that fully understands how they may feel. So yes make sure you are pursuing your goals but also take the time to enjoy life, be flexible with your goals and make sure you can adjust with the winds of life. If you look at an old tree that blows in the high winds of life if the branch sways in the wind it is not likely to break but if it is ridged and solid it will snap and fall off never again to be repaired. Oh and by the way I still never finished my degree but I work for an engineering firm and do designs, and I teach the electrical apprenticeship program. Just saying I may still go back and get my degree but I am still completing my goals one step at a time. Remember Life happens sometimes we just have to deal with it.

Let me know you thoughts or your experiences. Send you questions to I am also excited about my first book which I hope to get out this summer if you would like to reserve a copy for $5 simply send me an email and when it comes out I will contact you and offer it to you for the introductory price. If you would like to take a code update course for you tradesman license visit our new website at Affordablecodeupdate .com we also have prep courses for helping you get your tradesman or your Contractors license.

Thank you for listening and follow us on Twitter or Facebook at Surging Forward. Until next week stay safe and Keep Surging Forward.


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Feeding Yourself Episode 33

Hello and welcome to all of you that are working hard in the workforce and the construction Trades. I had a very interesting discussion with one of my students this week. The question he ask me a first sounds pretty legit but when you think about It,  it is one of the main reasons why I believe many give up way to easy.   His question basically went like this I need you to show me in the text book exactly what I need to study so I don’t waste my time studying things I don’t need. My first response was the purpose of the questions on the test was not to see if you can memorize a few sections but to see if you have a basic understanding of the material. He than restated the question and said he only needs to know what is on the test. I asked if I should point out all the key phrases in the text and highlight he ones on the test for him. He thought that would be a great idea. I than asked him once the test is completed what would he have learned. His response really baffled me but made sense to him at least. He said it does not matter I would have passed the test. I responded by asking if I should just spoon feed the information if that would be satisfactory. He stated of course not. Well my friends lets take a look at that situation. That is exactly why many people do not understand why they cannot seem to move ahead. They really believe the notion that it is not fair that some succeed and some don’t. These are the ones that are waiting on someone else to do all the hard work so they can continue to shall I say have you cake and eat it to. We all know that as simple as that sounds once you eat the cake you no longer have it. The mentality that if I have to work too hard for it, it is not worth it, I will just go for the low hanging fruit. That is a type of attitude that once it starts it can actually keep you from ever succeeding and above all else you will be able to always justify why others succeed above you. On top of that the definition of success becomes blurred as to what success actually is. The only concern for my student was to pass the test he had no real passion to learn the material. Trying to do things for the short term is exactly that the short term. You will find yourself bouncing from task to task never really growing and again not understanding why many keep passing you by. The hard truth is you have to be the one to not only set your goals but only you can attain them. Expecting someone else to do anything for you is really asking a lot. Oh but wait are we all not suppose to be helping each other succeed? Yes absolutely but helping one learn and enabling one to fail is to different things. Lets take a look at this for a moment. I heard this analogy about an eagle and the egg. When a young eaglet is in the egg it is very weak and small. During the incubation time as it starts to develop it starts to want to be free of the shell that surrounds it. Slowly but surely it keeps pecking at the shell each time his beak is getting stronger and his muscles are getting stronger.  Until one day he breaks free and is hatched fro the egg a healthy you eagle that within 2 to 3 months is able to soar to great heights.  No if you were to go back and see how help the eaglet while he was still in the egg there are good ways to help and ways that seem good but are not. One way to help is to keep the egg warm and safe from anything breaking it from outside in. This allows for the eaglet to become strong enough to survive. Some would maybe try and help by pulling away the shell once the eaglet broke through other words help him not have to work so hard. That’s a nice thing right, well not really you would actually cause the eaglet to more than likely die before ever being able to fly because he was never able to grow strong enough and became depended on some out side force to do for him.  So by just giving a person the answers to the test, the task at hand or what ever it may be the only thing they learn how to do is to rely on someone else to do things for them. If someone does not do it for them they come up with a thousand excuses why it cant be done. I am reminded of an old proverb “If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day—if you teach him to fish, you feed him for many days.”  Teaching and learning is not the same as memorizing for the moment. When you learn something it continues to fine tune you and help you grow stronger.  We live in a society that seems to be able to be able to provide for all the information we need at the touch of a button yet with all that information available we still need to understand how to be able to use it for good.  So if someone helps you out that is great, take a moment to thank them and use what they helped you with to grow stronger. On that same not don’t expect anyone to do for you. You have the passion and will power within you to achieve your goals

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Bridging the Gap Episode 32

Hello and welcome to all of you that are working hard in the workforce and the construction Trades. This is episode number 32 titled Bridging the Gap I just got back from a great few days down in Sunny Fort Lauderdale for the Annual Apprenticeship Competition.  What a great time of encouragement for me as I saw so many young people from all over the country competing in all types of trades. There were HVAC, Plumbing, Welding, Sheet Metal workers, Instrumentation Techs, Pipe fitters, Insulators, Carpenters, and of course electricians. I had one of my students down there competing with about 30 other apprentices. It was so great to see that young people are learning to become the new leaders in the industry. I hear so many complaints about how young people don’t want to work or how they are lazy. After talking with many of these young men and women down there I can tell you that this is so far from the truth.  They have the same dreams and goals as you once did. The problem I believe is that many think that they have so called arrived in the trade or their career. Since the younger generation tends to be more tech savvy many of those that are, lets just say established in their field feel threaten so they just shut down and don’t communicate or learn how to relate to those around them. They have a fear that tis young buck may take their job so they tend to keep looking down on them. Many of these younger people have a very strong drive but in case you did not realize they have a lot more challenges in today’s world than we actually did when we were coming up. The amount of information is just simply overwhelming and it continues to change at a fast pace.

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A Diamond in the Rough Episode 31

Being a leader in any industry can be pretty tough these day. You have to be able to organize, plan the job or task at hand, understand different personalities, and it also seems you have to have a degree in counseling and psychology. It can be pretty tough at time juggling all of the things that need to get done. Todays topic is titled a diamond in the rough. Many time we work around people that may have great potential yet they are shall we say a little rough around the edges. You may even fall into that category. I think we all have been or will go through this a sometime in our lives. How do you help a person that cannot see the potential that they may have.   This is where you have the opportunity to help someone to surge forward. Many times it mean that you will need to go above a beyond to help someone succeed. Too many times as I make observations in the field those that have a potential to do very well in the trade or career they are working in get over looked because that have what seems to be a bad attitude or work ethic yet when you talk to them they are actually pretty smart and knowledgeable. Others around them actually fell threaten by this and believe it or not encourage the self destructing behavior by constantly egging them on. Why is this you say? I think it is because many people are afraid that they will take their job so they want to keep them down. Which goes back to the self esteem issue that produces tis fear. A good leader can see through this and help create a leader that can be a great asset to you and your company

Great podcast to listen to as mentioned in the show 48 Days to the work you love link