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The Need to Feel Important Episode 63

Significance – “The Need to Feel Important” this is number three in our series on the Six Basic Human Needs. 

If we search deep down in our hearts, we all have the need to feel important.    We are not talking about being the President of the United States or a famous football player or the lead speaker at an event.  But just in our family, around friends, at work or wherever, we want to feel important. 

When we are constantly comparing ourselves to someone else we start failing, because we are trying to live someone else’s life.  We need to find our special gift.  Find out what you enjoy doing and bring others along.

Often you hear people saying “I deserve” or “I need a raise” or “I have to have more money”.  It is not the responsibility of someone else to take care of your needs.  It is up to you to make “choices”.  If someone else is making choices for you then you are not going to feel significant.  We need to make our own decisions.  If we want a raise because we don’t have enough money, then we need to make a choice; first, to stop spending.  Then second, we need to make a choice to increase our skill level.  There are many on-line classes available where you can learn at your own pace, on your own time.  With these classes you can increase your knowledge and skill level.  As you increase your knowledge, you become more valuable.  Others will see and soon you will receive a raise or even a new job offer.  When you start making good choices then you feel significant.

Another part of significance is having others around us; not being that “lone wolf”.  As we focus on what we would like to achieve, find out what we are good at, and make good choices, we make a difference in other’s lives.  Making a difference gives us a sense of importance.  All of us are important.  All of us were put on this Earth to make a difference and to help others keep “Surging Forward”.

Stay Safe and Keep Surging Forward

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