Changing the Mundane Episode 62

Variety – “Changing the Mundane” this is number two in our series on the Six Basic Human Needs. 

We need to have variety in our lives.  We don’t want to just keep doing the same thing over and over.  If we just keep doing the same thing everyday, day in and day out this can lead to being stuck in a rut and feeling like you are not making a difference with people.  Without variety you can get burned out.  It can lead to lead to drinking or even taking drugs to try to escape.

We need to have some kind of variety in our lives, something to break up the mundane.  Most of us work a five day work week, but we need sometime, evenings or better yet set aside one day a week to do something that is not work.  Go on a vacation and enjoy yourself.  We may think that we are too busy providing for our families to take some time off, but you need a break to re-energize yourself.  Need to find some quality time to spend with family and friends so that your world is not all just about work.  No matter your age we all need to have some variety to add spice and adventure in our life to keep us “Surging Forward”. 

Last week’s podcast was on Certainty and Comfort where we saw that there are no absolutes so we need to make right choices.

Join me next week as we discuss number three in our series – “Significance”

Stay Safe and Keep Surging Forward

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