Being Resilient Episode 56

You ever have one of those days where things just seem to be against you? everywhere you turn something happens or there is a new problem rising to the surface.  How we react to these circumstances, many which are beyond our control, is a choice that we must make each and every time. Making the wrong choice can cause a domino effect in which the fires never seem to end. Making the right choice can Keep you Surging Forward to achieve your goals based on your decisions, not what others do. Other people influence or lives in so many negative ways without us even realizing the damage being done to our own reputations due to allowing the circumstances around us to affect the way we react toward others.  Many times you may never know an opportunity that may have been lost. Serving your customers as a contractor, whether you are an electrician, HVAC technician, Plumber, or any other tradesman or career you are in can be a challenging job in it self. Learning how to deal with each situation in its own way will allow you to meet the challenges at hand. You can start leadding anytime from where you are Feel free to chack out one of the past lessons for Episode 41 Leading form where you are.  Join me today as I talk about what it means to be resilient in this weeks podcast.

Leading From Where You Are Episode 41


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