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Taking Your Ideas to Reality Episode 60

Many of us come up with that great idea that can make something easier. Yet most of us do not really do anything about it. In today’s episode of the Surging Forward podcast you will here the story of how a simple tradesman that works hard every day took a simple idea and made an actual working product that he than got into selling at his local retailer. Find out how he was able to take his ideas to reality and make a product that every electrician can use as well as any other trade that uses a simple Fish Tape.  Learn how you can make you dream a reality.

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Should I Give a Two Weeks Notice? Episode 59

In this Podcast Episode I talk about the question that many ask, “Should I give a two weeks notice?” In the discussion I will address the pros and cons as to how giving a two weeks notice or choosing not to give a notice can affect your reputation in the field as well as later on in life. Electricians, HAVC tech, Plumbers and many tradesman face these issues as well as those in other careers.  How do you handle them as a worker, Project Manager, Foreman, or other Manger can mean the difference in that next great opportunity.   Many look at the issues of today and fail to look at what the consequences of our choices we make will affect our future down the road.  I look forward to your comments and your stories as we share the 4 reasons why you should always give a notice before quitting.

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Learn from Your Failures Episode 58

Find the Drive within you that can help you succeed. In this episode I was able to interview Ryan Jackson.  Ryan shares his story about how he was able to become successful and about how to be the best a what you do. Ryan brings a passion and a drive from his experience. This experience shows us how to use the negativity that is given in life and turn it into a drive that helps you become  the best you can be.  Find out how you can step up to the challenge and overcome some of the many issues that you may encounter in life. Do you have a story about your success contact us and I look forward to your comments.

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Reconstruction after a disaster

Many times things happen in our lives that are not in our control. Some of the situations we can see coming down the road and some we cannot. Many time we cannot even prepare for the disaster that may be looming ahead. The most important key to being able to Surging Forward during and after is to keep hope alive. I also means not being taken advantage of and knowing who is there to help and who is there to take advantage of a bad situation. Dont be a victim after a disaster. Keep your mind sharp and stay focuses. This too will pass and there are good people always to help you out. Join me in todays episode as I talk about the Trades and rebuilding after. Hurricane Harvey. Stay Safe and Keep Surging Forward.

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Hurricane Harvey Reconstruction