Being Right

I’m Always Right Episode 54

We have all heard those words from somebody that is actually Bold enough to say “I’m Always Right. How arrogant is that really. That is what many people actually think you have to be in order to be a good leader.This is so far from the truth. In this weeks episode I am going to address some of these hard facts that many don’t want to discuss because they think it makes them a weaker person if they do not know everything. I look forward to you comments about this episode drop us a line on Face book at the link below. Please feel free to pass the episode along a nd show your peers how to Keep Surging Forward by subscribing to this podcast.

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Being Right

Is Honesty Really the Best Policy? Episode 53

We are often angry when we find out that someone has not been honest with us and we find out they were not telling the whole truth. As I suspect most of us would be very offended. It may also cause a rift in the relationship with that individual.  This weeks episode I talk about 3 things big questions that we should ask ourselves. The way you answer these questions will define as to how you will be able to Keep Surging Forward. In order to Keep Surging Forward and become a good leader it is important that we understand that many times Honesty may mean different things to different people, and may no always be truth. Join me today for this weeks episode as I share the 3 questions and some insights that will help you make your own choice.

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Being Right

Digging Deep Episode 52

Sometimes the Passion need to Keep Surging Forward requires that you must dig deep down to find the passion needed to overcome the struggles that will come on the road ahead. My friends the struggle will come, it is how you handle them that will define you as a leader. We all here the words never quit, but those are just words, when the storms come in life will you just rum for shelter or will you face it head on. You see every time you run away you are that much further from your dreams. Today is a great Interview with David Rubalcava of the Awaken the Leader Podcast. Join me today as we dig deep to find your Passion.

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Being Right

Are You Easily Offended? Episode 51

Being a good leader means that sometimes you have to deal with those that are easily offended. When is the right time to ask questions? Should you call someone out when they do something wrong? Do you get upset when someone calls you out? These are but some of the questions we address in this podcast as we help you to Keep Surging Forward.  Whether you are a leader or work simply work in the field, we all get exposed to those that seem to get offend very easy.  Sometimes each of us have a time when we are offended. Enjoy This podcast as we discuss how to avoided being easily offeded and how to deal with those that are easily offended. Check out the Surging Forward podcast on ITunes and any other podcast app. Please let us know if you cannot find it.

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Creating a Positive You in a Negative World to Keep You Surging Forward



Being Right

Being Transparent on the Road to Success Episode 50

This week Episode is a great Interview With Dustin Stelzer from Live wire Electric. He has his own company as well as does a Vlog and a podcast documenting what it is like to be in the electrical field and be successful in business. Learn how to deal with the ups and downs as Dustin shares where you can go to get help and offers great encouragement to those just starting out as well as seasoned Journeyman.  He is totally transparent as to what works and what does not work by sharing his success as well as the not so successful ventures in his career.

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Being Right

Failure to Communicate Episode 49

Ever seem like no one is listening to you?  Do you ever get tired of listening to others? We live in a hectic world nowadays and in seems like we have lost the ability to get our thoughts out to others. In todays episode I will be talking on how to communicate and Keep Surging Forward. You can succeed in the workforce and be able to prosper, but basic communication skills are essential.  Learning how to get your point across can open up many doors to Keep You Surging Forward.

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Being Right

Finding a Mentor Episode 46

Some call them Father figures, teachers, or even Coaches. But really they are mentors people that make a difference in our lives.  Do you need a Mentor?  Should you have a Mentor? What is a Mentor really?  Can you be a Mentor? All of these questions are answered in this weeks podcast where we talk about Finding a mentor.

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