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Handling the Know it All Episode 9

Ever been one the Job and you have that one person that knows everything. They wont let you get a word in edge wise. Join me as we talk about Handling the Know it All.  Feel free to comment about this episode or share on your favorite social media. Now set back and enjoy.  If you like this post please share with others on your favorite social media below, Thank you in Advance.

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Bragging Your way to the top Episode 8

Being Genuine also means being honest with yourself.  Do allow over bragging to get in the way of being who you are.  Join us today as we talk about how to be genuine and why there is no need to brag about how great you are, but how it is better to show people how you care.  If you like this post please share with others on your favorite social media below, Thank you in Advance.

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Never Quit Episode 7

Have you ever been in a situation where you just want to quit?  Well this episode is for you, we will be talking about why to Never Quit.   Having a positive attitude and pushing forward is vital in your decision to to Keep Surging Forward. So join me today as we grow together as always please feel free to leave us a comment.  Stay Safe and Keep Surging Forward.  If you like this post please share with others on your favorite social media below, Thank you in Advance.

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Giving Your Word Episode 6

What does it mean when you give your word on something? Does it really carry that much weight in today’s world?  How do you know if you can really trust someone? Your Integrity is the most important part of your life that you will pass on to others.  Join us today in today’s episode on Integrity how does this effect your success.  If you like this post please share with others on your favorite social media below, Thank you in Advance.

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Are You a Salesman Episode 5

Continuing our series on the word Surging:

S – Surging – A force that takes us forward

U – Understanding – Understanding the world around us and other people

R – Respect, Reliability and Responsibility – Can you have one without the other?

G – Guarantee – Guarantee to do a great job

 I – Integrity – Your reputation

N – Never Quit or Give Up – If you give up; the game is over.  Keep pressing forward.

G – Genuine – Do you lie to everyone around you, of who you really are?

Today we will discuss the letter “G” for Guarantee a Good Job

What does the word “Guarantee” mean to you?

We often see things advertised saying that they have a no hassle guarantee, but we often find out that in the small print there are exceptions.  We want to believe what a person says to us verbally, but in today’s world if something isn’t written down in the contract, it does not count.  So when spending money, make sure you get everything in writing and look closely at the limitations and exclusions.  This is a shame because your word is your life.  If someone doesn’t trust your word, you have no “guarantee”.

What is a “Guarantee” and how does this apply to you?

Maybe in your job you don’t sell products or insurance.  So you don’t think that you are a salesman.  But everyday when you show up for work you sell yourself and the best guarantee comes from the respect you have earned from others.  Every time you make some sort of commitment that you will do something you should never say “I promise” or “I guarantee” unless you really mean it.  If you don’t follow through, then you have broken your verbal contract or “your guarantee”.   People often try to weasel out of things by saying “that is not what I meant”, but only you know what you really meant.  And if you meant to say “no”  then it is better to say “no” when you can not commit to something then to say “yes” and not follow through.  A person that know how to say “no” will have more respect and trust from others then the person that always says “yes” to everyone and can not commit to anyone.  Knowing how to manage your time will help you to know when you can or can not commit to something so that people know your word is your “guarantee”.

Your “guarantee” also means that the work you do is always going to be your best. 

You should always strive to give 100%.  When you don’t do your best you are cheating others out on the commitment that you made.

Being a good leader also means knowing how to follow.  When a boss asks for a task to be done; he is not asking so that he can waste your time and his.  No matter what the task that is asked of you, it is all a part of the business’ plan to make money.  It is easy to get caught up in the negative world of complainers, but their negative attitude can and will bring you down.  If you keep the mindset that there is a specific reason why a task needs to be done then you can overcome the negative, do a good job and still look good in front of your peers. 

Those people with the negative attitudes are also the same people that try to do the least amount of work, but take all the credit.  They like to use someone else’s “guarantee”.  Just know that this person will not have someone to push them forward when they are on a job alone.  But you on the other hand; know that you have done your best to complete the task.  Deep down you know that you have done a job that no one needs to come behind you and fix the mess.  Also you have helped pull others along with you because they know who really did the work.  When you are placed in a leadership position others that saw your integrity in the past will do their best to help you look good.  Others know by your reputation that you are a person of your word and your guarantee is what you say and do.

Always do your work not for the sake of those who are looking, but to the best of your ability.  This does not mean that you need to know everything.  Just do the best you can with the amount of knowledge that you have.  Do a task in such a way that you are able to sign your work.  Be able to proudly say “you did that” is guaranteeing your work.

In this age of technology and cameras everywhere you never really know all the people that are really watching you.  Another part of your “guarantee” is telling the truth and taking responsibility.  What if you have messed up and made a mistake?  The worst thing you can do is to blame someone else and throw them under the bus.  This will ruin the years it took to build your positive reputation.  If you made a mistake, offer to fix it.  This shows honor.   Everyone makes mistakes.  You want to go the extra mile to ensure your reputation stays intact.  Mistakes happen and they are not going to ruin your life. 

The important thing is to keep moving forward or as we say here to

Keep Surging Forward.

Ask yourself:

Are you going to step up and do your best?

Are you going to do your work acting as if you are self-employed?

Did I earn my pay check this week?

Would I like my work if I hired myself?

Am I proud enough to sign my work and provide my phone number for any call backs?

Am I a salesman?  Can you sell yourself based on the guarantee of your work?

Join us next week as we discuss the letter “I” for Integrity.