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Are You Making the Right Goals?


This time of year we always hear about setting goals. Unfortunately most of the resolutions or goals are never met.  This is not due to the person not wanting to achieve them. As a matter of fact they might even want to achieve the goal with all their heart. So why do so many fail it is because they fail to make a plan on how to achieve the goal and than stick with it. We live in an environment today where we want everything right now. Hungry throw something in the micro if it takes more than 2 minutes we grow impatient. You want to loose wright they have pills for that no need to work out or exercise. Want to make more money just go online and within 5 minutes you will find more ways than you can imagine in which you can be have thousands of dollars in 90 days. None of these things are new the ideas have been around for years. They used to have actual physical chain letters that people would spend more money on postage stamps, envelopes and paper than they would receive by asking people to send them 5 dollars. We make the mistake of short changing our goals by taking what looks like the easy road. The goals will not be achieved unless you actually make a plan and work your plan. I have always encouraged my students to make goals and many times they say making more money is the goal. My next questions are as follows:

How do you plan to make more money?

What kind of additional training is required?

Where do you intend to get the training?

Will you set aside the time required to get the training?

Are you will to put the training received into action?

What are you will to sacrifice to achieve your goals?The list goes on but most of the time I have lost them after the first question. We all want things. We all want to be successful but just dreaming is not going to cut it. One must have a plan even if it is a small plan. The other problem is we set so many goals and have so many dreams that there is no way they you can achieve all of them. When setting your goals keep them to a minimum one or two and no more than three. That may sound like you are limiting yourself but the truth is that once you achieve these goals you can always set more and that is where the growth begins and you are able to strengthen your walk toward success. It is like sprinting up hill as fast as you can when you do this once you get to the top you collapse or even worst you give out before making it and tumble very quickly back to the bottom where you must start all over. The successful person will evaluate the hill figure out how to pace themselves and than once they reach the top they have the strength to be able to celebrate instead of collapsing. In todays age of the internet there is no lack of training for just about anything you want to accomplish. The real question is do you want it right now or are you willing to put in the time. And guess what? you don’t have to only make resolutions on the New Year or wait until a new year to set your goals. You can set them today. Take a moment to think about what is really important to you and what you want to achieve. You may find that it was never really about you it may be providing for you family. It may be doing something for others. It is amazing how your goals change if you really stop and give a little bit of thought into what you really want to accomplish.  One of my goals this year is to better serve the working force and those who may be looking at going into business for themselves. There is nothing greater that working for your self, but there can also be nothing worst as there are a lot of risks. You always have to make sure you understand the risks of any goal but that should never keep you fro striving to achieve them. Every day we see on the news about terrible traffic accidents and even people being killed on the road. Knowing the risks of traffic accidents does not keep us from driving to work, it just helps us understand what to look out for during our own trips to and fro. The other big enemy that keeps us from achieving our goals is fear. Fear is something that strikes all of us and affects each of us differently. Some embrace it, some face it, others try and go around it, while others run from it al together. As you can see there are different levels of fear. Ask you’re self where you are when it comes to your goals. Running away from fears means that you will never be able to grow. You would never be able to drive a car or even learn how to, if you let all the statistics cause you fear. In order for you to continue to keep Surging Forward you must be able to face your fear and find a solution, or you have to embrace you fears and simply keep pressing forward. Many a brave solider will tell you when asked about having no fear, it was not about having no fear but the fear is what helped them accomplish the mission or goal. So how about you? What kind of goals will you set right now, remember it only has to be one or two and no more than three? Make them yours and make them achievable than once achieved make the next one harder. You can do it

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Don’t Stop Believing Episode 21


I am reminded this time of year right before Christmas of the little girl in Yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus. You may be wondering why I would relate this to believing that something can be done, because we all know that Santa is not real. The Idea of Santa very real and that is where the believing comes into play. Because some people choose to believe they either are part of making it happen or because they do believe someone makes it happen for tem. Some many times in our lives we choose not to believe that we can succeed because we may not be succeeding at this particular moment in time.  To believe in a dream or a goal that you may have is something you should never grow out of. If you are in a rut on your job, your business, or even in life in general. You may have simply stop believing just for those very same reasons. It didn’t happen the way I thought so it must not be true. I have always loved the song from Journey if you listen it tells a story about 5 different people with different lives and the chorus says “Don’t stop believing hold on to that feeling” It is all about making a choice not due to the circumstances around you but in spite of the circumstances around you. In the movie Virginia there is a Santa she asks for some very hard to meet demands but because she refused to give up others around her helped those dreams come to pass. The first thing you have to do is believe in yourself. All of us have good traits and bad traits, only you can decide which of those traits you will choose to share with others. Striving to continue Surging Forward requires that you have a dream, passion, as we have talked about in prior episodes. The next step is to believe or have a little bit of faith to know that it can be done. If you just give up and quit than there is no chance that your dream will come to pass. If you have a major fear of failing, which after talking with many people in the trades make the statement why bother someone will always be there to beat me down. My response back is than make a choice, don’t let it beat you down. If you have a big dream make a plan of how you plan to get there step by step. Than make a choice to follow your plan step by step. In other words break it down into simple steps and as you conquer each step than the actual believing in the dream get that much easier. I am not going to tell you that there will not be trials because there will be. The trials that come along will make you stronger and better able to handle the success of your dream once you get there. I do not believe in overnight success. No one sees all the work and time that went into the planning stages. Also if you do end up being an overnight success and you found a way to skip over all the trials than you risking losing it all just as quick because you did not gain the strength during the trials. You must always continue to learn though the many different ways available to you today. Listening to this as well as many other podcasts are just one way to keep your dreams alive. There is a podcast called 48 days to the work you love by Dan Miller where he provides story after story of those that are reviving their dreams. You can to. Don’t ever stop believing in yourself there is always room to start from right where you are. I am reminded of the following quote though I don’t know who said it “Yesterday is gone and cannot be relived, Tomorrow actually never comes and cannot be predicted because it has not happened, But today is the time to make the choices that can erase the yesterdays and change the tomorrows” I have always kept that near me when times get rough and it helps me to keep Surging Forward and try and make the choices that need to be made today. So my friends Don’t stop believing. Choose today that you will continue to Keep Surging Forward.

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Are You Striving to be Like Scrooge? Episode 20


This week’s podcast is titled Are you striving to be like Scrooge?

Depending on when you are listening to this podcast it is about a week away from Christmas a very busy time of year. Many of you may not even be listening until well after Christmas just because of how busy it is. Well you are probably wondering about the title, Why would I want to strive to be like Scrooge? I was reminded this year about one the great stories often told during this time. A friend of mine is playing Scrooge in a theater production and I have often pondered if we really understand the meaning of this story as while as my daughter’s favorite The Grinch. I kind of think we should strive to be like Scrooge during our day to day jobs or in pursuing our careers whether on the job or owning your own business. We all know the story of how successful he was in business. What you don’t think you would like to be called a Scrooge. I understand that most people would take that as an insult. It is not much differ than the following show and tell that I did for my students one day. I handed out a single piece of paper to each out on the piece of paper was a single Black dot about an inch in diameter. I ask the class what they saw. Some said a black dot, some said it is an electron, it is an electrical class of course. Others saw it as a period. The problem was that no one saw all the white around the dot of which there was a clean slate. I also explain that the white was much larger yet the spot stood out so we tend to focus on that. We don’t tend to focus on the good in someone’s life only the bad. Many times I think that people focus on the bad in others so that hopefully no one will see the bad in their own lives. I believe that there is much better in most people than we take the time to see. If we take the time to make a difference in other people’s lives than the Grace that God provides to us can be more easily understood. Everyone wants to be successful but some have a harder time overcoming trials than others do. This is where those that have been through trails need to stop and offer a small bit of encouragement because you do understand because you have walked it. That is called your testimony or your story. By sharing your story you may be helping someone else to be able to Surge Forward in their life not just their career. If you are in a leadership position take an assessment of those that work under you and understand their strengths not just their weakness. As in the parable of the talents in the bible some may have a lot and some may have a little. But even those with a little can be guided to do the small task that they know how to do. More than likely they will do it well. His way you are able to take a positive and turn it into a better positive and again helping someone to Surge Forward. Now you may say how in the world does this relate as to whether being called a Grinch or a scrooge is a compliment or not. Obviously you did not finish the whole story. In the case of the Grinch his heart grew three sizes, His whole life changed and he learned that giving was much better that taking. As for our friend Scrooge, He became the wonderful uncle for Tiny Time and found friends he never thought he could ever have. He lived a great and even more prosperous life than he lived the years before. The thing I would worry about is being called an ole Marley, oh don’t remember him his was the sad part really about the whole story. He never changed. So who is the success why Scrooge of course. I surely would not want to be called an ole Marley, yet if that is your name that doesn’t keep you from success so I mean no offense. So this Christmas what have you been blessed with. How can you bless others and while doing create a career that you are happy, growing and successful.

As usual I hope that this will challenge your life challenge your life take the time to think about your skill you do have them whether you are an artist, have great mechanical skills, a designer, love sports, or even just like to talk like me pursue you passion. Not some else’s. Don’t forget to give us a review on ITunes also check out our face book page and drop us a comment. Let me know how I can serve you better drop me an email at  Those of you that do Twitter follow us on Twitter at Surging Forward.  Until next week Stay Safe and Keep Surging Forward

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Is Your Passion Yours or Someone Else’s?

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Hello and welcome to the Surging Forward podcast where we are creating a positive you in a negative world. I would like to welcome our new listeners to the  surging forward team. This is a show that provides workforce training and tips to help you excel as we continue to stay positive in this negative world. If you have any questions you would like to have address on this show drop us an email to, or go to our website at and click on the contacts button. Also thanks to all those listening on ITunes, Stitcher and Google play. If you enjoy this show please go ahead and subscribe as this helps in our ratings for reaching more people also you will get each new episode as it comes out. Remember you can go to the website at to listen to any past episodes or to review any of the episodes.

Tip of the week

Is taken from the Living Bible James 1:3 For when the way is rough, your patience has a chance to grow.

This week’s podcast is titled Is you passion yours or someone else?

Sometimes we have to ask ourselves if we have the drive to succeed. So many times we allow those around us to influence us in ways that we don’t even realize. All of us have heard about the setting of goals, but when setting your goals are they based on your passion or somebody else’s passion. If you continue to always look at how you think others want to see you, more than likely you will miss the mark. Success is different for everyone. Some may just want to lead a good life and provide for their family. Some may want to make their mark on the world with a great company, while still others may just want to be able to make a difference in other people’s lives. There are also many other goals and passions in every area in between these simple examples. I cannot began to know your goals and passion nor can anyone but you determine them for you. You can go to all the counseling and have all the coaching but you have to make the ultimate choice as to what you want to do. Sometimes you will find that others may make you feel bad about succeeding in the areas you are passionate about, they enjoy keeping you down on their level so they try the manipulation or other ways to keep you from pursuing your passion. I find it so amazing that negativity seems to be able to recruit better than positivity. I guess it is because it is actually easier to be negative and remain a failure. The actual failing at a task is not the issue, we all have or will fail at many things in our lives. It is the getting back up and learning form the failure that makes the difference. The failures are what actually make us stronger. There are many that like to make those that succeed feel guilty. Never really understood this one but again it is someone else wanting you to be the same as them, because let’s face we have all heard that misery loves company. That away they don’t have to climb out of there failure and they can justify through you that it is okay to stay there.  I have talked with some in the field during my time in the trades that just seem to have no mechanical ability what so ever. They always seemed like they were picked on and joked by those around them. People that do this type of joking have a very low self-esteem and would rather help joke others so they do not get joked. Don’t get caught up in this. Anyhow I would make a point to try a talk with them to try and find out why they were even in the trade. This really applies to any job each one has the tough things that need to be done that some people make look so easy and even look like they are have fun. There are many jobs that I think wow it would be really cool but it does not fit into my skill set. I always wanted to do software design but I never quite get the hang of it past the basics. While others type away code like it is nothing, let alone trying to read other people’s code. Anyhow this is the same thing I would find out when talking to some who had went into the construction trade. They had went in because there father was in it or for some other reason. I talked with one guy who had a certification in Microsoft but was afraid to go into the field because he did not want to fail. I very politely told him that he wasn’t doing very well in the trade right at the moment. He eventually did quit, but did get back with me a thanked me for the conversation as he was working for a government contractor writing software. You see all of us have special skills that we are good at. I never thought I would enjoy teaching or talking to a crowd, yet many people have told me that I should get into teaching which is why I teach the apprenticeship. I really wish I would have taken a better interest in English class during high school, though I used to love to read I still do. I hated English class and writing. Today 40 years later I find myself writing all the time in on my full time job as an Inspector and for online course as well as even a book which I am still working on, may be a while. What is that you want to do? Also make sure that you are not tearing down those around you but helping them find out what they want to do. It seems that we many times pursue skills, that we are not good at, but we think look cool because someone else makes it look easy, only to have a friend tell us that we are good at something else that comes naturally to us. I know many say they anyone can learn anything, but if you don’t have a passion for it you will never be able to apply the skills you learn or get back the time that was spent learning something you don’t even like. One thing we can all do though is be encouragers and peacemakers. This is because no matter how different our passions might me we all have the basics in common and we can all help one another to keep Surging Forward. What do you have to loose you may find out that with someone else’s skills win you team up it may be a great team.

As usual I hope that this will challenge your life challenge your life take the time to think about your skills that you have them whether you are an artist, have great mechanical skills, a designer, love sports, or even just like to talk like me pursue you passion. Not some else. Don’t forget to give us a review on ITunes also check out our face book page and drop us a comment. Let me know how I can serve you better drop me an email at  Those of you that do Twitter follow us on Twitter at Surging Forward.  Until next week Stay safe and keep surging forward

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Do You have the Right Qualifications? Episode 18

Hello and welcome to the Surging Forward podcast where we are creating a positive you in a negative world. Been a busy week this week, Thank you for some of the comments on the site as well as by email. If this is your first time listening than welcome to the surging forward team. This is a show that provides workforce training and tips to help you excel as we continue to stay positive in this negative world. You can send us an email with any questions you might have to, or it may be easier to go to our website at and click on the contacts button. News flash we are now on twitter so if you have twitter account follow us there at . We just started so go ahead and click to follow and help us spread the positive message. Not really sure how twitter really works but we are all in a learning mode. Also thanks to all those listening on ITunes, Stitcher and Google play. If you enjoy this show please don’t forget to subscribe as this helps in our ratings for reaching more people also you will get each new episode as it comes out. Remember you can go to the website at to listen to any past episodes or to review any of the episodes.
Now here is this episodes Tip of the week: Are you a professional at what you do or are you just doing just enough to get by? If you have stopped learning than your just getting by.
Today’s episode is a little different in that I took a survey on regarding if it is important to have an electrical license or not. Now for those of you that are not electricians. Keep listening as I am sure that some of the things I will discuss in this episode will apply to your job or trade. After doing a bit of research on certifications, Degrees and Licensing I see that there are licenses required to do just about any Job. I know in our state alone there are license requirements for nail salons, Tattoo artists, Martial arts, Boxing, Contracting of every type, and the list goes on so the actual subject matter also applies to many of you listening right now. So what does it mean to have a certification/ license and is it really needed. I posted the question on a facebook group I am in This of you that are electricians you will find it a great resource for electrical issues. It is called electricians Liar it is a closed group but you can ask to join if you are an electrician so check it out. Also a special thanks to all the input I received from my post. If you have a page on facebook you can do a search for pretty much any group regarding you job and you will find a great community that you can interact with or just listen and learn. While your there don’t forget to like us and follow our page at Surging Forward. Anyhow the question I posted was as follows:
Hello fellow electricians, I am doing some research for an episode on my leadership for tradesman in the workforce podcast. I plan do to a show on the importance of having an electrical license. Many of the people I talk to say that it is not needed, though I disagree would love to hear some opinions that I can share on the podcast.
Thanks in advance
Boy what a response I got. The response was overwhelmingly yes it is needed not only because it is required in some states but because it shows credibility to others that you have at least a basic understanding of what is involved with your particular profession. Ben said it very well when he stated: The license is for the customer, not us. The license gives the customer a fallback if there is a problem. Virginia permit laws are set up so a homeowner can pull their own permits and just work whoever they want to. It seems like a good idea for the homeowner because they can usually get the work done cheaper. Sometimes though, the unlicensed “electrician” might not be as experienced as he or she let on. When they can’t figure out the three way switch or why the kitchen light comes on when you plug up the toaster and just disappears, the homeowner can go after whoever’s name is on the permit. The problem is, the homeowner’s name is on the permit so they are responsible for their own problems. Commercial and industrial guys that work for another company usually don’t have this problem because they blanket under the company’s licenses. There are a few GC’s that require a licensed electrician present at all times on commercial and industrial projects though. If you are the guy that has the license and your boss can’t be there the whole time, you are more valuable than the guys that aren’t licensed. Plus it looks good on a resume’ and it shows that you respect your trade and want to excel in it.
What I like best about his response is that it shows that you respect your trade/profession and it shows others that you have qualifications. Jack also gave a great stamen as follows: The license (Competency Card) tells the public that the holder thereof has completed a number of work hours, in the trade, as required by the Authority Having Jurisdiction (usually the state, county or city) and has passed an approved examination that tested his knowledge of that trade; and that he/she is qualified to perform work under that license, within certain parameters set by law. Again the gives a bit of confidence to the consumer when work is being done on a home. Here are a few more comments from another Facebook site which talks about electrical. Chuck stated that it May depend on the type of job in the work he does he not only has a license but also has many other certifications showing that he has been trained in various types of skills. Rustin stated that the requirements for certification/licensing can vary depending on the state you are in and are not always reciprocal. This can be in issue but when you have a license in one state though it is not reciprocal, you may not have to meet all the requirements but still have to take another test. One person stated that the state they are in did not need a license but he has seen a lot of bad jobs that he has had to correct So many don’t think that a license or certification is needed I hear all the time my company won’t pay for my license. My friends the license is yours and it show your proof of competency. You have to pay for your driver’s license 1 to 7 years which shows that you should have a basic understanding of driving on the road. The more certifications, licenses or any other qualifications that you have in your resume will help you be able to move up and make more money as you keep Surging Forward. Again it also shows others that you have the basic skills needed. We also need to educate the homeowner and/or client would you want someone wiring your house that does not have the certifications, How about installing a new heating system and run the risk of carbon monoxide poising from and incompetent installer that was cheaper. I think not, so many people look at what the negative guy is doing and how he gets away with breaking all the rules. Why not start a new trend and look at all the positive people who take pride in their work and are not worried about losing their job because they know they can find another one they may be even better. Again it has been my pleasure to bring you a positive word for this week. Drop me a line either by email, Facebook or now even twitter

So my challenge for you in the upcoming year is to ask yourself what certifications will help you succeed and how will you go about getting them.  Until next week Stay safe and keep surging forward