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Are You Striving to be Like Scrooge? Episode 20


This week’s podcast is titled Are you striving to be like Scrooge?

Depending on when you are listening to this podcast it is about a week away from Christmas a very busy time of year. Many of you may not even be listening until well after Christmas just because of how busy it is. Well you are probably wondering about the title, Why would I want to strive to be like Scrooge? I was reminded this year about one the great stories often told during this time. A friend of mine is playing Scrooge in a theater production and I have often pondered if we really understand the meaning of this story as while as my daughter’s favorite The Grinch. I kind of think we should strive to be like Scrooge during our day to day jobs or in pursuing our careers whether on the job or owning your own business. We all know the story of how successful he was in business. What you don’t think you would like to be called a Scrooge. I understand that most people would take that as an insult. It is not much differ than the following show and tell that I did for my students one day. I handed out a single piece of paper to each out on the piece of paper was a single Black dot about an inch in diameter. I ask the class what they saw. Some said a black dot, some said it is an electron, it is an electrical class of course. Others saw it as a period. The problem was that no one saw all the white around the dot of which there was a clean slate. I also explain that the white was much larger yet the spot stood out so we tend to focus on that. We don’t tend to focus on the good in someone’s life only the bad. Many times I think that people focus on the bad in others so that hopefully no one will see the bad in their own lives. I believe that there is much better in most people than we take the time to see. If we take the time to make a difference in other people’s lives than the Grace that God provides to us can be more easily understood. Everyone wants to be successful but some have a harder time overcoming trials than others do. This is where those that have been through trails need to stop and offer a small bit of encouragement because you do understand because you have walked it. That is called your testimony or your story. By sharing your story you may be helping someone else to be able to Surge Forward in their life not just their career. If you are in a leadership position take an assessment of those that work under you and understand their strengths not just their weakness. As in the parable of the talents in the bible some may have a lot and some may have a little. But even those with a little can be guided to do the small task that they know how to do. More than likely they will do it well. His way you are able to take a positive and turn it into a better positive and again helping someone to Surge Forward. Now you may say how in the world does this relate as to whether being called a Grinch or a scrooge is a compliment or not. Obviously you did not finish the whole story. In the case of the Grinch his heart grew three sizes, His whole life changed and he learned that giving was much better that taking. As for our friend Scrooge, He became the wonderful uncle for Tiny Time and found friends he never thought he could ever have. He lived a great and even more prosperous life than he lived the years before. The thing I would worry about is being called an ole Marley, oh don’t remember him his was the sad part really about the whole story. He never changed. So who is the success why Scrooge of course. I surely would not want to be called an ole Marley, yet if that is your name that doesn’t keep you from success so I mean no offense. So this Christmas what have you been blessed with. How can you bless others and while doing create a career that you are happy, growing and successful.

As usual I hope that this will challenge your life challenge your life take the time to think about your skill you do have them whether you are an artist, have great mechanical skills, a designer, love sports, or even just like to talk like me pursue you passion. Not some else’s. Don’t forget to give us a review on ITunes also check out our face book page and drop us a comment. Let me know how I can serve you better drop me an email at  Those of you that do Twitter follow us on Twitter at Surging Forward.  Until next week Stay Safe and Keep Surging Forward