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Your Time is Your Money in Episode 76

We all know that there are 24 hours in a day.  We sleep for 6-8 of these hours so that only leaves 16-18 hours to get something accomplished.  With these remaining hours we need to find a balance.  How we divide up our time with these remaining hours plays a huge role in our success.  

We can not spend all of our time sitting on the couch playing video games or watching football or Game of Thrones though it is important to have some down time to just relax.

We can not just spend 16 hours working then our families suffer because we are never at home.  We need to find a balance; we need to establish priorities.

It is very easy to justify why we are spending so much time in one area:

I am working long hours for my family; mean while you have missed your son’s Little League Game or

I deserve to sit on the couch and do nothing because I work hard all day; mean while your marriage is going down the drain because your significant other feels neglected.

It is all about priorities and balance.

Ask yourself what are your priorities in life?

When you evaluate your priorities you should see if the way you are using your time is making money or causing you to lose it.

Maybe you will need to establish new priorities: such as God, family, work, recreation, school etc.. Once you have established your priorities; then determine how many hours you need to divide up amongst these priorities.

If you work an 8 hour job, there goes 8 hours plus your travel time, five days a week.

How much time do you have left for your other priorities?

Sometimes 2 priorities can be combined – you can have family time while going out to a movie or taking a hike.  This combines family and recreation.

But most times you need to commit your time, 100% to the priority you established.

When you are at work; your boss deserves your 100% commitment.  That means arriving on time, watching the length of your breaks… It does not mean spending time on your cell phone or going out for a long lunch when you should be working.  My friend bosses notice who is working and who is a slacker and when it comes time for promotions guess who is going to get the promotion.

Another way to get noticed on a job is to increase your knowledge.  Spend some of your balanced priority time learning.  Listen to Podcasts, read a good book, go on line and take some courses. (Surging Forward. Com) There is so much out there today.  

By using your time in a wise and balanced way you can become successful at work, at home, and around the neighborhood.  You will also find that you are not as stressed out so your health will improve which will increase your energy level which will then improve your work and family life.  It is just a big circle of success starting with you realizing that Your Time is Your Money and as you learn this it will keep you Surging Forward.

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