Is Your Passion Yours or Someone Else’s?

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Tip of the week

Is taken from the Living Bible James 1:3 For when the way is rough, your patience has a chance to grow.

This week’s podcast is titled Is you passion yours or someone else?

Sometimes we have to ask ourselves if we have the drive to succeed. So many times we allow those around us to influence us in ways that we don’t even realize. All of us have heard about the setting of goals, but when setting your goals are they based on your passion or somebody else’s passion. If you continue to always look at how you think others want to see you, more than likely you will miss the mark. Success is different for everyone. Some may just want to lead a good life and provide for their family. Some may want to make their mark on the world with a great company, while still others may just want to be able to make a difference in other people’s lives. There are also many other goals and passions in every area in between these simple examples. I cannot began to know your goals and passion nor can anyone but you determine them for you. You can go to all the counseling and have all the coaching but you have to make the ultimate choice as to what you want to do. Sometimes you will find that others may make you feel bad about succeeding in the areas you are passionate about, they enjoy keeping you down on their level so they try the manipulation or other ways to keep you from pursuing your passion. I find it so amazing that negativity seems to be able to recruit better than positivity. I guess it is because it is actually easier to be negative and remain a failure. The actual failing at a task is not the issue, we all have or will fail at many things in our lives. It is the getting back up and learning form the failure that makes the difference. The failures are what actually make us stronger. There are many that like to make those that succeed feel guilty. Never really understood this one but again it is someone else wanting you to be the same as them, because let’s face we have all heard that misery loves company. That away they don’t have to climb out of there failure and they can justify through you that it is okay to stay there.  I have talked with some in the field during my time in the trades that just seem to have no mechanical ability what so ever. They always seemed like they were picked on and joked by those around them. People that do this type of joking have a very low self-esteem and would rather help joke others so they do not get joked. Don’t get caught up in this. Anyhow I would make a point to try a talk with them to try and find out why they were even in the trade. This really applies to any job each one has the tough things that need to be done that some people make look so easy and even look like they are have fun. There are many jobs that I think wow it would be really cool but it does not fit into my skill set. I always wanted to do software design but I never quite get the hang of it past the basics. While others type away code like it is nothing, let alone trying to read other people’s code. Anyhow this is the same thing I would find out when talking to some who had went into the construction trade. They had went in because there father was in it or for some other reason. I talked with one guy who had a certification in Microsoft but was afraid to go into the field because he did not want to fail. I very politely told him that he wasn’t doing very well in the trade right at the moment. He eventually did quit, but did get back with me a thanked me for the conversation as he was working for a government contractor writing software. You see all of us have special skills that we are good at. I never thought I would enjoy teaching or talking to a crowd, yet many people have told me that I should get into teaching which is why I teach the apprenticeship. I really wish I would have taken a better interest in English class during high school, though I used to love to read I still do. I hated English class and writing. Today 40 years later I find myself writing all the time in on my full time job as an Inspector and for online course as well as even a book which I am still working on, may be a while. What is that you want to do? Also make sure that you are not tearing down those around you but helping them find out what they want to do. It seems that we many times pursue skills, that we are not good at, but we think look cool because someone else makes it look easy, only to have a friend tell us that we are good at something else that comes naturally to us. I know many say they anyone can learn anything, but if you don’t have a passion for it you will never be able to apply the skills you learn or get back the time that was spent learning something you don’t even like. One thing we can all do though is be encouragers and peacemakers. This is because no matter how different our passions might me we all have the basics in common and we can all help one another to keep Surging Forward. What do you have to loose you may find out that with someone else’s skills win you team up it may be a great team.

As usual I hope that this will challenge your life challenge your life take the time to think about your skills that you have them whether you are an artist, have great mechanical skills, a designer, love sports, or even just like to talk like me pursue you passion. Not some else. Don’t forget to give us a review on ITunes also check out our face book page and drop us a comment. Let me know how I can serve you better drop me an email at  Those of you that do Twitter follow us on Twitter at Surging Forward.  Until next week Stay safe and keep surging forward

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