Your Forgotten Dreams Episode 15

Have you forgotten why you do what you do?  Have you been beat down or are you just plain tired and want to know if it is all worth it, join us today as we talk about your forgotten Dreams.

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Tip of the week:     “He should sweep streets so well that all the host of heaven and earth will pause to say, ‘Here lives a great street-sweeper who did his job well” Martin Luther King Jr

Thank you for the encouragement that everyone has given me concerning the podcast it is all about each of us helping one another to keep Surging Forward. This is episode number 15 and I am talking today about those forgotten dreams I was talking with a young man this week and they were so discouraged. I am not going to use his name as he asked me not to but he did tell me I could share with others since I told him he is not alone and that there is hope. You see he said he is always told how he is not doing a good enough job and that he will never amount to anything. Instead of giving the old simple encouragement of well just keeping working at it and walk away like so many do since sometime others struggles make us uncomfortable. I asked him a simple question. I asked him to tell me what his dreams were when he was younger. Though I tried not to show it his response literally shocked me. I have to confess at first I was at a loss. He never had given it much thought because he had been told the same thing when he was younger. So I simply rephrase and asked him if you could do anything what would it be. He explained that he wanted to simply learn how to be a carpenter so he could help fix the things around his mom’s home since she could not afford to pay someone. My response was simply, than go for it. I went on to let him know that we all face struggles and disappointments in life, but when you set your goals. I went on to explain than God has blessed each of us with different talents and passions for us and that is what we can lean us to keep Surging Forward. Now for those of you that are not spiritual you still have passions so stay with me.  I explained that any job you do with passion you will grow and eventually be good at or you will find the talent that you really do love in the process. It the tip of the day I stated the quote from Martin Luther King Jr which is worth stating again “He should sweep streets so well that all the host of heaven and earth will pause to say, ‘Here lives a great street-sweeper who did his job well” Whatever you do you should do 100% yes I said 100% and not 110%. You see giving 110% is not really practicable. Since I am an electrician by trade. Let me explain it like this. If you run a motor at a 110% for to long it will burn out. We are not much different if you try and push over to much you can become discouraged and then just quit. Now I know some people such as athletes push way above limits but that is after a lot of training and can take years . It did not happen overnight. That is part of the problem as I went on to explain to my new friend, we look at others at want to be in there shoes overnight. I know we live in a microwave society where we can get instant gratification on our computers, but that does not work with our lives. You have to work your way up. There has to be a growth with experience before you can reach the top. If you reach the top of even get half way up without the experience or the proper training you will fall and it will not be pretty.  I encouraged him to continue to push on and keep learning, get the experience, and best of all do the best he can. You see my best is not your best. During my days as a foreman use to always keep working with my tools when I should have been planning work. I would always say that I would not have anyone do anything I would not do. I worked long hours so I expected the same. Some would get burned out others would worked with me would go longer even after I stopped. Does that make them better? No it does not. I was shocked to learn that one of my coworkers was having marital issues due to the long hours. It made me rethink out I looked at others. We are all at different points in our lives and we all have different abilities that come with strengths and yes even weakness. That is how we should learn toi carry one another and learn from one another. So the next time you are ready to belittle someone make sure you know their story first. The next time you see someone struggling reach out to help. It makes no different about race, color, sex, religion, disabilities, or any other reason out there we are all God’s creation and I say that with Love. I know many non-Christians who are much better at treating others than professed Christians are. So I ended our discussion by asking if he minded if I shared some of or talk on the podcast and he said fine but not to mention his name. I also assured him that there were many that had the same feelings he did but choose not to share, I also assure him that there are many out there that have worked from the ground up and overcome many struggles to get where they are today. Please feel free to leave a comment so others can be encouraged. It takes all of us to keep each other Surging Forward. What are your dreams? What were your dreams and how did you make them happen? I have heard so many stories from so many walks of life and I for one know this is what kept my faith in God strengthen my walk through many trials. So let me know by leaving a comment on our website at


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