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Surging Forward Podcast what does it mean to Surge Forward Episode 2

When I started Surging Forward about four years ago it was set-up to help tradesman grow in their trade.  As I spoke to fellow tradesman I realized that the continuing on-line education courses were either very expensive or the cheaper ones were sort of dull. I went about to create an on-line course to allow tradesman men and women to meet the educational requirements to renew their license.  Later as I taught the Electrical Apprenticeship classes it was brought to my attention that there was a void in where to get training to move up to the next level and that no one seemed to care.  Training at jobs is often just on safety or company policies and it is the same training over and over.  But training to move up to the next level was missing.

In the past when I was coming up through the trades there was not a whole lot of material out there for training.  You had to learn by the school of hard knocks.  Many tradesmen that learned this way are not used to training others and they are not aware of the material that is now available.  So those in the trenches get frustrated and their dreams get crushed as they lose hope of how to get out.

I had mentors that taught me, that it is not about what others do to you, but it is about what are you learning from others.  We need to learn to Surge above the circumstances that are around you. The reality of life is that “life happens”.  Only you can make a difference in your life.  Nobody can force you to be angry, nobody can force you to be depressed or sad in the same way nobody can force you to be happy or have a positive attitude. It comes from you and that is where you have to come to the decision that I am going to go the positive way.  It is very easy to be negative and to find other negative people.  You have to make a personal decision of what you are going to do and are you going to make a difference in somebody else’s life.  We need to learn to shut out the negative as much as possible and not let it affect you.

In our fast paced world today we don’t seem to have time for one-on-one mentorship so hopefully this podcast can reach out to more people.  The more people I help; the more people are out there to help me when I am in need.  This is what it is all about – helping one another to keep Surging Forward.  It takes faith and it takes mentors that pull us along to Surge in this negative world.

What does SURGING mean?

S – Surging – a force that takes us forward

U – Understanding – understanding the world around us and other people

R – Responsibility and Respect – Can you have one without the other?

G – Guarantee – Guarantee to do a great job

I – Integrity – your reputation

N – Never Quit or Give Up – if you give up the game is over.  Keep pressing forward

G – Genuine – do you lie to everyone around you of who you really are

We will address each of these in the coming weeks as we continue to

Keep Surging Forward

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