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The 3 Rs to success Episode 4

We are continuing to look at the word “SURGING”.

S – Surging – Surging or moving forward.  You do not want to be sitting still.

U – Understanding – Understanding the game

R – Respect, Reliability and Responsibility – Can you have one without the other?

G – Guarantee – Guarantee to do a great job

 I – Integrity – Your reputation

N – Never Quit or Give Up – If you give up; the game is over.  Keep pressing forward.

G – Genuine – Do you lie to everyone around you, of who you really are?

Respect, Reliability and Responsibility- three very different words and yet they all go together.  You can’t have one of these without the others, yet they all stand alone. Let’s take a look at these three words as we discuss the Three Rs to Success.

Respect – You may know some people that demand respect and you may ask if this is the proper way to get respect.  In truth, we have no right to demand respect from others.  If someone is in a powerful position then maybe the position itself demands respect, but not necessarily the person.  Respect is something earned over time by interactions with others.  When you give respect, others in turn will respect you.  If you want respect; you have to give respect.  Don’t take the word of a group about a certain person.  Give that person the benefit of doubt and keep an open mind.  Others will see that you don’t just take the word of others, but that you wait and form your own opinion.  It is important to treat others as you want to be treated. 

There are people in this world that treat others disrespectfully.  These people often have low self-esteem.  They will try to put you down and will not tell or teach you anything because they live in fear of losing their jobs.  These people do not respect themselves let alone give respect to others.   They lie, cheat, and steal to try to get one over on the company.  When you see someone like this, use this as training for yourself of what not to do.  Sometimes you can learn more from a negative than a positive example.

Reliability – Gaining respect means that you are reliable; that others can rely on you.  Your word is true.  When you say “yes” it is a yes and your “no” means no.  There is a parable in the Bible where a farmer asks his son to go and work in the field.  The son replies “yes” that he will go.  The farmer also asks his other son to go and work in the field, but this son says “no” that he is unable.  Later the second son changes his mind and goes and works while the first son never showed up.  Which one of these sons is the most reliable? 

We have so many ways to communicate now with all of our technology and social media, but still some people don’t call to say that they can’t be there or that they are running late.  Or we have the some people that are always late for classes and meetings.  It is as if they are saying that their time is more important than yours because now the class or meeting runs late because they had to get caught up on all that they had missed.  Time is a precious commodity.  If you promise someone that you will be somewhere, be there when you say; that is being reliable.  If you get held up because life happens, then just call and let them know that you are running late. 

Being reliable means living as you say and standing for what you believe.  That does not mean that we agree on everything.  We can have different world views, but we can respect one another and sometimes you just agree to disagree.

Responsibility – If you are reliable, your word becomes truth and you take responsibility for your actions.  Each of us messes up and makes mistakes.  We do not intentionally plan it, but when they happen own up to them.  When you take responsibility for your actions, you are deemed reliable and others respect you.  If there comes a time when something happens and it looks like you might have done it.  You know that you did not and you stand up and say this; because you have earned respect and people know that in the past you have admitted when you made a mistake; they will stand with you against this false accusation.  But if you have not earned the respect of others and have not been reliable then even if this is a false accusation you may get written up or even fired because others do not trust your word.

By taking Responsibility and being Reliable you earn the Respect of others and this will keep us Surging Forward.