Episode 78 Life’s Hurdles

A friend emailed me this week with some of the struggles that he has been going through.  As I was helping him; I found that I was also helping myself.  Join us today as we talk about overcoming life’s hurdles. The answer may not be as hard as you think.

A Friend’s Struggles

One of the members of Surging Forward, I will call him “Freddy”, emailed me saying that  every time he tries to get ahead something always happens. He is having issues with his truck and then his job sends him to a job site further from his home. He said that it is a constant struggle and that he is almost at the point of burnout.

My Struggles

The email came at a time when I also was going through a lot of issues myself.  I was working too many hours, and having computer issues with endless hours of troubleshooting as to why a Windows update had caused my computer to be in an endless loop.  Though I did not really know how I could help Freddy as I was feeling the same but for very different reasons; I set up a phone call.  Freddy shared that things were going well and then all of a sudden everything hit at one time. He asked, how do I get over this hurdle?

As I spoke with Freddy,  I realized that we all have hurdles of one type or another.  They seem to sabotage the success that we were experiencing.  It seems like we run into a brick wall and you just want to quit.  And it seems, that there is no way for you to win or achieve your goal that earlier seemed within reach.

I reminded Freddy that life happens.  There are many things that happen that we have no control over. For example: those of us that work in the trades, have no control of the job location or of how far from home that the work may take us. Sometimes we even need to travel to another state. We also have no control over the weather so we often work in extreme cold or heat. Many times we are working so many hours that we don’t have time to do the maintenance on our vehicles so they break down leaving us stranded. And they always seem to breakdown in the middle of nowhere or like the computer issues that I am experiencing at a very busy time.

Why do these things happen?

What curse is on me, that want to stop me from succeeding?

We All Go Through Struggles

After listening to Freddy and thinking of all the things going on with me at the same time, I realized that we all go through tough times and many times it just small things adding up together that make the brick wall.  There is nothing hindering us or trying to stop us; it is just simply “life”. We just have to step back from the issue for a moment and then look at it again and find a solution. Just because you cannot get over that hurdle/wall at this moment does not mean that you cannot find a solution and push over it later. It is so easy to get into the poor little old me attitude, but think about those that depend on you or believe in you. At the times when we want to give up we really need to say I will “Keep Surging Forward” and I will find a solution to the issue at hand. This is what makes you stronger and able to handle the issues of tomorrow.  

Freddy got back with me a couple of days later and said that he solved the issue with his truck by carpooling with a friend.  And the funny thing is that during their car rides, they are discussing electrical code and this is helping Freddy learn the code so he can pass his test for his electrical license. Funny how this all work out!

What are your hurdles in life?  We all have them.

Take a step back and then find a solution. Life is going to happen.  We cannot solve everything, but we can pursue and solve the ones we can and this will help us to Keep Surging Forward.


Until next week keep Surging Forward.

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