Learning to Fail so You Can Succeed Episode 83

What does it mean to fail?  Many people deem failing at a task or not achieving a dream in twenty-four hours as a sign of being a failure.  They think that they are washed up and can never recover.  Often they are looking around at others and comparing their lives to them.  They think that those people must have the golden touch because everything they do is perfect.  Often people do not share their struggles and put on a facade that everything is great, but deep down they are struggling.  We can’t look to others for our success.

The real question is: What do you consider as success? 

Success is not always about money.  Do you want to be famous and have your name in lights?  Do you want to raise a family? Families are valuable.  Do you want to run your own business?  You will find tools on the Surging Forward website to assist you with this.  Success is different for all of us and you need to understand what success means to you. You also need to understand that just because you are good in one thing does not mean that you will be good at everything you try.

There are three points to think about in Learning How to Fail So You Can Succeed:

Realize You Are Going to Fail

Let’s get this out of the way; you are going to fail at something.  It is part of life. Understanding and accepting this will help you evaluate why it happened and what you need to do better.  Trying to be perfect will cause you to carry unneeded stress.  We do not set-out to fail.  We try to do the best we can, but there are going to be times that failure happens.  At those times, we need to evaluate what went wrong and see what changes need to be made so that we can succeed.  Then we can count this as a lesson learned. 

Sometimes Failure Has Nothing to Do With You

Sometimes the reason you may fail has nothing to do with you.  It was completely out of your control.  The weather ruined your schedule so you failed to reach a deadline.  The parts did not arrive on time or were damaged and again you failed to meet a deadline. Flights were cancelled so you failed to make a speaking engagement.  There are things that are beyond our control.  No matter how well you plan, things happen.  You have to pick up where you left off and do your best to keep Surging Forward.

Sometimes Failure Comes From Betrayal

One of the worst reasons we fail is because of betrayal. This can be one of the hardest reasons to get over. When you are betrayed, at first you feel anger and want revenge.  But you have to find a way to get over the negativity so that you can keep moving forward.

There is really only one way that you are going to get through a betrayal and that is through forgiveness. You have to forgive that person that betrayed you.  Forgiving is not condoning or letting them off the hook.  Forgiveness is for you.  Forgiveness allows you to get rid of that negative energy.  Harboring the negativity will cause you to never really be able to succeed.  You are allowing that person who betrayed you to win and keep you in bondage.  Only through forgiveness will you be able to break that hold that the betrayal has on you. 

Someone choose to hurt you; to let you down; to betray you.  Betrayal happens in marriages and various areas of life.  There is a grieving process which is different for each one of us.  But the longer we grieve, the longer we are kept in bondage to that betrayal.  Forgiving does not mean you are condoning what the other person did.  They were wrong, but once you have run down all the avenues of the legal justice system you need to move on.  Once you forgive, you release yourself so that you are able to move on to bigger and better things.

Forgiveness is for you. 


It is all about choice.  You can choose to keep “Surging Forward” or you can choose to stop and be a slave to that negativity that is holding you back from your success. 

If you want to be the best that you can be; there is so much training that is available.  Check out our website on Surging Forward and all the training that is available over the internet.  Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t succeed. 

Failure happens in our lives to make us stronger.  Look at a big tall oak tree.   Think of all the storms it has weathered.  Those storms have caused it to have a strong inner core and a mighty root system.  In our lives, if we don’t fail and don’t go through those hard times then we are more than likely not going to be able to succeed.  Learn how to accept failure, learn from that failure and then not to make that same mistake again.  In this way we can go forth and Keep Surging Forward.

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