Three Steps to Success Episode 82

Being alert may not only save you on the job site, but it may also change your whole career path.  Join us this week as we discuss Three Steps to Success.

One of the things of utmost importance on the job site is safety.  Those boring safety talks every week, where you are almost falling asleep, begin to take on new importance after you have been on job site for a while because you see stuff happen.  These three steps that I will be discussing will not only help you be safe on the job, but they can also help you be successful in your career.

Three Steps to Success:

 #1 – Being Alert

Being alert on a job site is critical.  There are many moving parts on a large and even a small construction site.  One must always be alert on the site as things can change.  Things can tip over or fall down.  These things happen without warning.   You will have to react quickly in order to be able to avoid possible serious injury.  You also need an understanding of your surroundings and know what to watch out for. 

This same point also applies in life.  One must always be alert and aware of the surroundings in one’s own life.  Being in tune to the things that others may be saying in regards to opportunities.  Sometimes you are just in the right place at the right time to hear that someone may be looking for a person with your skills.  If you are not listening, you may miss a once in a life time opportunity or dream job just because you were not alert.  Or by being alert you may see the writing on the wall and realize that it may be time for you to move on because things are not going well at your company.  Again if you are not alert it may have serious consequences.

#2 Understanding the Risks

Each day before you step out on the construction site or work area, take a minute and think about the risk that are out there.  Understanding the risks that are involved with your work will help you be able to avoid many of the accidents that catch others by total surprise.  If you don’t understand the risks, how do you know what could possibly go wrong; a drill can slip, a wall can fall etc.

Understanding the risks in your daily life will help you in making a lot of those hard decisions when you come to that fork in the road.  One road may seem easier, but may lead to tough times.  The other may have tough times at the beginning, but then lead to success.  Which one do you take?  Start by listing the risks and seeing whether they are worth taking or not.  

Money is not always the answer.  A job may offer a lot of money, but it takes you away from your family.  Security is not always the answer either.  Sometimes staying at a job gives a false sense of security and can keep you in bondage. Make a list of the risks and take it to someone you know that has more wisdom than you. Don’t ever feel like you have to do it alone.  Sometimes you are too emotionally connected to understand or even see the risks.

#3 Have an Escape Plan

Throughout the day as you travel on the roads to work or as you are walking around the job site always try to have an escape plan.  You are ultimately the one that is responsible for your own safety.  Always be looking around in case something happens and you want to have a plan of how to move out of the way.  Try not get boxed in so you have room to react quickly to save yourself from injury.  If you don’t have a plan and something happens, you will go into panic mode and may even run into the danger.  Things can change in the blink of an eye.  If you have a plan you do not have to think, you just react and this could save your life.

This is also true in life, as you never know what may happen.  You may think that you are being called into the office to get a raise, but you are being laid off.  Think about having a backup plan because life is not perfect.   You cannot rely on others to take care of you and you cannot rely on a job either; you need to make decisions for yourself.  In the trades you have skills maybe you can start you own business.  Or maybe you have a hobby that you enjoy doing and you can start making money doing it.  Create your own escape plan because all of us are different and all of our escape plans will be different.

These three steps will help you be a success at your job site and in your career.  They will help you to Keep Surging Forward.


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