Episode 80 Proud to be in the Trades

Join us this week as we discuss being proud of the skills you have because they allow you to do things that others can’t.

The Trades are Very Important

Throughout history a person would seek out a master in a trade like blacksmithing, stone masonry etc.  and ask to be an apprentice.  As an apprentice the person would learn the skill so that they could provide for their family.  Today we have schools for learning our trades, but the concept is the same.

It is the tradesman that keep our cities intact. Tradesman are very important to enjoying the lifestyle that we have.  If it weren’t for tradesman we would be without the electricity to power our computers.  When you flush a toilet where does all of that water go?  Can you imagine life without plumbers?  How about the AC or heat in our homes?  Or the very building of our homes themselves.  It is important to remember that there is someone behind the scenes making all the stuff that we take for granted work.  These are the skilled tradesman.  A skilled tradesman can take something that was nothing and create something that will benefit so many. 

Being a Tradesman is a Hard Job

Tradesman work is not easy.  There are people who try to work in the trades, but are not able.  Tradesman need to work in all types of extreme weather and conditions.  They need to have an understanding of math and physics. There is also a great deal of skilled involved and mechanical ability.  Every state has their own requirements for becoming a tradesman either Journeyman or Master.  These requirements vary but include hours in the field, hours of training, years of apprenticeship, and tests to receive your license.  We have courses here on the Surging Forward website to help you with these requirements.

Being Proud of Your Skills

So many people think that working in the trades is a degrading job.  But it is not.  It takes great skill to build things with your hands.  The trades are something where age is no barrier.  A person can enter the trades right out of high school or as a change in career later down the road.  You can make a good living working in the trades.  Companies are looking for hard workers that show up on time and do some over-time when asked.  In the trades you can move up the ranks or without going to college many tradesman branch out and start their own businesses. 

Don’t listen to the negativity of some saying that you are a failure because you are working out in the field.  Realize that you are a success because you are making a difference.  Take the skills you have and never stop learning more; in this way you and your family will KEEP SURGING FORWARD.

Let’s start something new – Let’s thank a Tradesman today.

Until next week keep Surging Forward.

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3 thoughts on “Episode 80 Proud to be in the Trades

  1. Daphne says:

    The Part-Time agents that are serious about education.and learning the craft! However, there are too many agents that do not know their craft and are in it for a fast buck. Tradesmen have to go through an apprenticeship, Drs need to go through residency, Agents should as well. Increase the education requirements. MLS and Associations are also to blame for the increase. They just love to increase their membership. More membership, more dues. Unfortunately, more membership =more agents in the field. I”m not in the top producer field.

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