Learning to Succeed Episode 81

This week’s episode is an encouraging word for those that want to succeed in the trades or their careers.  Last week was labeled as “Honoring Women in Construction Week “.  I did an interview with Ashley Rayburn, a young woman in her 4th year of the Electrical Apprenticeship program.  It was an honor for me  that she was able to take a few minutes to share her ideas of how to succeed in the trades.  I hope that this interview will show how you can work to achieve your goals. 

Education is something that we should never stop doing.  Just because you go to college and get a diploma does not mean that you have arrived; and just because you have not gone to college does not mean you cannot be successful.  Receiving a good education is not about just going to college, as you will hear during this interview with Ashley.  Most of all you will be surprised at the actual cost of her education. So enjoy this week’s episode: Number 81 “Learning to Succeed”.

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